2018 Global Network Security Motion

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Interpretation: Global Network Security Japan First, Algeria Pad

Each country is uniform in different indicators, and no country can exceed all aspects. However, it is not difficult to see that some countries are flat in many fields, while some countries are significantly leading to other countries in most areas.

The performance of all aspects is relatively excellent, and the top of the global network security level is in Japan. The top ten countries in the network security level are: Japan, France, Canada, Denmark, USA, Ireland, Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Singapore.

, Algeria has become the most backward country of overall network security because of the lack of network security related legislation, as well as mobile devices, computer infection. Top ten countries with the worst level of network security are: Algeria, Indonesia, Vietnam, Tanzania, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Belarus, Iran, Ukraine.

China, ranking 13th in the world, the number of malware infections in mobile equipment, the number of online criminals frequently issues the number of Telnet attacks, which is worthy of attention. On the other hand, thanks to the important position of network security in the national strategy, China’s network security legislation is in the forefront of the world, covering seven categories, quite comprehensive.

The most worrying question may be, which country is the bank’s bank is the least safe? The answer is, Germany, Malaysia, Greece, South Korea, the quantity of financial malicious attacks, is among the best of Ukraine, France, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, is a financial account relatively safe country.

Developed countries have better network security than developing countries

research results show that developed countries are usually more good network security environments than developing countries.

Comparitech security expert pointed out: “The reason, the people who are in developing countries lack experience on the Internet and connected to the Internet, less awareness of network security threats, on the other hand, Internet services Provisions and companies do not make full defense guarantees for online attacks like the peers of the developed countries. With the popularity of the Internet, the backward network security situation has gradually become a hotbed of hackers new malware. ”

However, there are also unexpected discovery in the study of

research, for example, Germany’s financial malware attacks – 3% users are fiscal malware Attack, revealing the serious situation of network security in developed countries far more than developing countries.

China is a country that issues the Internet (IoT) Telnet attacks the country, which means that China’s Internet security construction will not be in the rapid development of Internet of Things technology in recent years, and also warning relevant departments must be comprehensive as soon as possible. Implementing the “Network Security Law”, the Declaration of “Network is not a legacy” is implemented, using the deterrent of the law to stop online crime. ·

On the other hand, it is better to punish afterwards. At present, the Chinese government and some local governments have been deployed in key departments and Nets, such as the Silly networked device search system for automatic discovery, detection Various devices such as websites, industrial control equipment, firewalls, routers, monitor cameras, printers, etc., analytical equipment may exist security risks.

Network security global pattern day, the network security level is excellent, not a DPRK, a picture can be judged in detail, it should be seen that each country has obvious improvement space, network The security defense war is far away.

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