2021 China Cloud Computing Market Outlook: The Three Critical Changes of Industry Reform

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(IT World Edition “Big Fish Eating Small Fish”)

There is an era IT base.

From the 1960 large machine, by the unique colleague of the 80s small machine, then to the Wintel Alliance in the PC era, the most recent is the peak of the distributed computation bonded by Intel and Linux. The IT base of the digital world has been constantly evolving, changed, and innovating.

cloud computing is the IT base of this era.

In China, “New Infrastructure” policy set off a wave of digital transformation of traditional enterprises, building a digital economy, and enhances GDP proportion to more need cloud computing, plus cloud computing natural drop Effective, elastic telescopic characteristics, the demand of the times is intertwined, set off the wave of comprehensive micrigeration. If the past cloud computation is coupled to the pan-Internet scene, then from now on the future cloud computing will be a deep coupling of traditional entity economic and full-time wisdom.

The cloud computing industry seems to seem to contradictive features: Matthew effect and uncertainty.

The former seems to reveal the market rules of this industry winner: “HAT” three-footed trend in the domestic market is highlighted, and other small and medium clouds are struggling to survive. The latter is a true portrayal of the cloud computing market background: demand is much more than service, the scale growth rate of cloud computing market is still rapid, and the future is full of uncertainty, and it is far from the air.

Cloud’s world is technically first, but the driving cloud computing industry will never have only technical one.

2, technology, ecological and open source

What kind of cloud do you need?

This problem is a big problem in front of the major cloud service manufacturers for a long time. The homogenization of cloud computing services is becoming more serious, while the total clouding wave brings deep coupling in the whole industry, and puts forward more market demand:

You can’t use extensive Internet Playing the law, just like you can’t screw the screw with a hammer.

According to the report of “IDC: New Characteristics to the New Characteristics of the Central Transition Acceleration” Complete new features will also bring new opportunities and challenges.

In fact, the diversification of technology / products is still the core of market concerns, but cooperative ecology, hugging and source is also two other key factors affecting cloud computing services. Only three integrated clouds can be more long and long.

3, technology: The bottom layer should be self-developed, the upper standard

Cloud computing service is a set of solutions, can be divided The characteristics of the technology determine the importance of technology as needed. The diversification of technology and products determines the ability of cloud computing services to meet the different needs of diversified scenes.

Currently, the development of cloud computing technology has also entered the deep water area. Artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing technology depth coupling, 5G, block chains and other emerging technology bring greater imagination space, cloud, side, and ending technology development trend is increasingly obvious. And here, it is the hardware and hardware synergistic development brought by diverse.

IT field has two laws: Moore Law and Andy Bill Law, the former reveals the law of hardware performance, and the latter explains how hardware improvement is squeezed of. Only hardware, you have no ecology. Only software, you lose the cornerstone.

Why is it worried? Only self-research.

In the context of hardware and software synergies, the adaptation between the underlying multi-architectory and the upper software has brought higher standards. Domestic major cloud giants also saw this trend, began in chip, server’s underlying hardware and operating system, database to cloud service full stacking strategy input.

Hat, Huawei has long been a dusty, Alibaba Cloud Self-developed Shenlong Server, Gangshu, Tencent Cloud 2020, etc. Hardware laboratory. From the software to the hardware, from the calculation to the storage, from the platform to the architecture, Chinese technology has matured.

technology, products and services are the premise of participating in competition. But developing competition rules, it is always the group of people who have mastered standard definition rights. If the cloud computing has a widely recognized development trend in the technology in technology, it must be Yunyuan.

CNCF Greater China President Keith Chan said last year:

“new crown epidemic has fundamentally changed business model, and the speed of work on the line is more than ever. Fast, more and more enterprises and consumers rely on e-commerce (B2B and B2C) and online banking to promote innovation to meet the growing customer needs, Yunyuti-life technology has played an important role, but also accelerated cloud primary technology. Popularize. We are in a huge transformation, more and more companies will become cloudy original companies. “

Yunyutiosheng technology has been defined by CNCF in 2015, in just 5 years The development is rapid, has evolved into a complete set of technical system and methodology. Between these 5 years, Yunjing lives have not been widely recognized, but it has been in the development of change, each cloud manufacturer, every “cloudy original resident”, each developer has its own understanding.

A phenomenon that can be observed is that the attitude of the company has turned from the business to cloud. Huawei, a technical standard of Yunyu 2.0, Ali Cloud proposed a comprehensive cloud of cloud in an all-round city, and Tencent Cloud released the company’s cloud marshwalk.

After all the strategic intentions, it is reflected in China’s cloud manufacturers, the keen insight of clouder biochemistry: establishing the cloud primary standard defined by Chinese manufacturers, promoting cloud primary technology in China’s large-scale technology test field Going to mature, becoming the factual standards in the field of cloud.

It can be seen in the panorama of the CNCF Foundation, China Cloud Vendor, Open source enterprises have highlighted in key nodes. In the survey report of the CNCF overhead, China’s contribution to the Yunjing Shengseng sector has increased year by year, which has become a huge force that cannot be ignored.

Current domestic cloud manufacturers can be prized by the Contribution of the CNCF Foundation, whether in the contribution of the CNCF Foundation. China’s scale technology sandbox, is the best test field of frontier technology to mature.

To the market, it is also the inherent requirement of China’s cloud computing market to continue to strengthen the development of robust development: Activities under the rules of others are not as good as participation in standard development.

4, ecology: do a good job in connectors, help new foundations

to do intelligent world “black land” – Huawei Yun

< P> Do not do SaaS, being integrated – Alibaba Cloud

to do business digital assistant – Tencent Cloud

detailed taste of the above three sentences, can’t see Hat three giants The positioning of cloud computing services is unprecedented: to make a help, not a struggle.

This is the core of building a benign ecology.

For an industry, technology will never be the only key, how to let your own technical products go out, let the outside user partners come in, in a circle of prosperity, mutual Point common, the route of technology development is the king.

    You can see Huawei Clouds to release “Huawei Yun Stack”, “Smart” and other products, hold a multi-game “Devrun Developer Salon”, “Huawei Yunlian Creative” and other activities Behind the deep meaning;

    You can see the “cloud nail” proposed by Alibaba, the following Alibaba Cloud infrastructure, into the various applications of customers;

    you can see The Tencent Cloud Strategy upgraded the “Thousand Safe Plan”, from “one cloud” to “a cloud”.

    everything is for ecology.

    But the ecology is not only to b and to c, but also has to participate in TO G. And the new infrastructure policy is the best grip.

    Li Zuji, deputy director of the Institute of Development and Environment Policy Institute of State Council, once said:

    The past infrastructure investment is mainly concentrated in railways, roads, airports and other fields, these investments Large scale, long cycle, short-term stimuli, but the return on investment is relatively slow. The new infrastructure is closely connected with high-tech development. It is an important carrier for development informatization, intelligence, and digitization. It is also an important guarantee for creating and meeting new needs.

    In recent years, the political and enterprises have become a full-scale troops, how to improve the level of urban governance, accelerate smart urban construction, and accelerate the development of digital government, etc. is the urgent problem. Migun manufacturers have also proposed their own solutions for this scene. For example, Alibaba Cloud’s “City Brain”, Tencent Cloud’s “Wecity”, Huawei Yun has released a smart body in September 2020, which is the industry for the first time for politics Systematic reference architecture proposed by enterprise intelligent upgrading.

    China is accelerating the embracing digital economy. The transformation of the traditional enterprise is not a story, but the facts. The 2020 epidemic black swan has caused the entry into the entity economy, but it also presses the acceleration key to the new infrastructure policy. During the epidemic, Huawei Welink, Alibaba Cloud nail, Tencent Conference and other online conference platforms have expanded, accelerated the large-scale deployment of the server, and opened further planning of the ultra-large data center. Cloud computing is in a broadest display world.

    lost the east, and the sang.

    5, open source: establish trust, improve standard

    Once upon time, open source manufacturers represented by MongoDB, Redis, vision cloud manufacturers as flood beasts: they It is a vampire and uses open source software to earn a lot of benefits but never give back to the community.

    and now, the open source manufacturers represented by MongoDB actively launched a cooperation with cloud manufacturers, using cloud vendors’ platform advantages to pass more customers, bind their business models and cloud depth Each takes the need to develop together.

    Behind this, the appearance is that the open source and cloud computing from “killing” to “love”, the fact is that the opening source is the best way to have a cloud manufacturer and a company, developer build trust. It is also the best path to make cloud computing more standardized. On the other hand, cloud computing advanced business models have let the open source manufacturers have found larger markets and imagination spaces. The relationship between the two has moved from barbarism to work together.

    The core needs of enterprises using cloud services is to increase the efficiency, cloud manufacturers convinced that the core of the cloud is to establish trust: how to ensure the stability, safety, controllability, and disaster preparation. Recoverability and no impact on core services, weak inferiority?

    The opening, sharing, co-construction characteristics represented by the open source culture, naturally cultivated the technology soil of anti-commercial monopoly and anti-hecture. Open source is “going to the manufacturer bind”, and the choice of the company is in me. The huge technical community and the use scenario behind the open source project, but also let the technological progress of the open source projects have endured, and continuously improve the technical ability and product experience. The after-sales service and support of cloud vendors, but also provides help for the fast iteration of open source projects. On this basis, cloud computing has become more and more standardized, and the threshold of companies and developers use cloud services becomes lower and lower, and there will be a “zero threshold” under low code / unciphasic upgrade in the future.

    In September 2020, cloud computing “Unicorn” Snowflake successfully listed, created the largest software industry fundraising case in history, which is the first investment technology stock of Share Buffett. However, Snowflake’s success is not a target in China, and the domestic two Open source entrepreneurship PingCap and Kyligence are also in front of business models with similar products.

    None exceptions, these two open source companies are very recognized, the cloud is a more modern business model. Further, the open source is actually an optimal resource tissue mode. Before opening sources, many innovations were carried out by a single company, but after opening sources, it was a company in the entire community, developers to realize innovation, which is the charm and power of open source.

    On the “2020 China Technical Force” annual list released by InfoQ, the open source project from Huawei Yun, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Yun quasi-family customer cases, just proved cloud The attitude of the manufacturer’s open source – open source is the best partner of the cloud.

    6, last

    Gartner will release a research report for “technical hype lifecycle” every year, revealing that there will be more attention to even more attention in the future Successful technical direction. It is very good to know that many of this popular technology will eventually dissipate in the long river of technology development, have not set off a wave of waves.

    This reveals a truth: the development of superior technology is to rely on the progress of the underlying technology, only in fertile intelligent world black soil, we can cultivate strong innovative technologies and products.

    Software and hardware as the IT infrastructure of the digital economy, the wooden barrel effect is very obvious: from the core of the chip, operating system, database, etc., as long as there is a short board, it will be in the future competition. passive. China’s cloud computing and even the development of technology companies, only “Hat” is far less enough, and there should be more technological innovation, business model innovation, and it has been confirmed under China’s large-scale scenario.

    In addition, according to the recent CNCF announced the third China Yunjing Survey report data shows that public clouds have fallen from 51% of the peak of November 2018 to 36%, replaced by the usage rate 39% mixed cloud. There is more unreasonable, mixed cloud market in the public cloud market, no matter whether IBM is still Huawei, there is your own advantages and opportunities, and the killing of the cloud market will be more tragic.

    The market pattern of cloud computing is far from the conclusion, 2021 will not be the end point, but it must be a transformation point of technology, ecology, and open source.

    Original authors: Xiao Zhi

    description link: cloud computing is this, never change -infoq

    original source: infoQ – promotion software development and related fields Communication of knowledge and innovation – Extreme Guest

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