5 Tips To Boost Your CEH Exam Score

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IT security violations hit the headlines each month, and these vast hacks are incredibly costly to companies and their customers.

TalkTalk’s gross security breach discovered in 2017, was expected to cost £35m – and that’s not to consider the irreparable esteem damage. In response to these hacks, security is now the top priority for businesses and need for IT security pros has soared. Among them, Ethical Hackers are the often the most sought after.

The position of an Ethical Hacker is one of the most exciting new professions in IT – indeed the UK police are learning to hack. Ethical Hackers work at the vanguard of IT and demand has now accelerated salaries to an impression of £62,500 (ITJobsWatch). 

These professionals work to stop hateful hackers, using many of the same methods employed by cybercriminals. The crucial difference: once Ethical Hackers recognize a hole in security, they close it.

To pass the CEH exam, you’ll need to demonstrate your technical expertise in areas from malware threats to SQL infection. To assist you get your CEH certification, we’ve assembled five tips to advance your CEH exam preparation:

  • Study the syllabus
  • Use a study guide
  • Take an official CEH training
  • Examine yourself with practice questions
  • Get connected to forums

EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification is the most well-recognized and essential penetration testing qualification available. Achieve it, and you’ll prove you know how to work and identify the same tools and techniques used by real hackers. Let's take a denser look at how you can pass the CEH exam first time.

Study the syllabus of CEH Certification

Research is essential when studying to pass the CEH exam. EC-Council’s website is an excellent place to start, containing CEH FAQs, a breakdown of the exam and extensive background reading on the CEH certification. 

Be sure to take note of the eligibility criteria for the CEH. Be informed that if you don’t meet the education requirements, you’ll have to develop an application form to ensure you’re eligible to sit the CEH exam. You can find a full description of the eligibility guidelines on the EC-Council website.

EC-Council official Training has certified thousands of ethical hackers. We’re asked CEH questions every day – luckily, we’ve compiled the necessary questions into this CEH FAQ.

It’s also important you understand which version of the CEH certification you’re studying for. EC-Council updates the CEH certification every few years. 

Use a study guide

EC-Council offers a range of study guides for their CEH exam. The study guides are centered on the five different topics within the ethical hacking curriculum:

  • CEH Study Guide
  • Linux, Macintosh & Mobile Systems
  • Secure Network Infrastructures
  • Web Applications & Data Servers
  • Attack Phases
  • Threats & Defence Mechanisms

Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of CEH 312 49 Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the ITCertDumps.

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Splitting these guides enables you to take a more in-detail look at each section of the CEH syllabus. These standard study guides from EC-Council are extremely suggested. Each book covers its subject completely, giving you plenty of knowledge to tackle it in the exam.

Take an official CEH course

Select an official CEH course and get access to the standard syllabus, practice materials and an instructor authorized by EC-Council to deliver the education. 

An official ethical hacking program is also the best way for you to get hands-on and reinforce crucial exam knowledge. You’ll get real-world ethical hacking skill applicable to the role. 

Beware: Ethical Hacking commands you to follow a code of conduct, making it impracticable to do this in a safe environment in your own time.

Train with an official accelerated ethical hacking course and got certified in just five days with EDUSUM's CEH online practice exams. You’ll be training with the genuine training providers EC-Council has added many Accredited Training Centre every year since 2008.

Examine yourself with practice questions

Test the expertise you’ve gained, and identify areas you’re fighting with by taking a CEH practice exam. There are practice tests available on EDUDUM (on this site). Practice exams can be resource designed to use early in your studies, and check to see whether your knowledge is well-rounded enough for the actual test.

EDUSUM offer CEH practice tests in 52 different skill areas. Each topic has a series of advanced levels allowing you to test the depth of your knowledge for each topic area.

There are also several an ethical hacking practice lab that allows you to work on your skills in areas like reconnaissance, scanning networks, sniffers and device enumeration. Lasting 20 hours, the lab contains plenty of material that will help prepare you for the real-world as well as the exam. However, EDUSUM has a team of experts to update questions based on their recently certified candidates in past few years.

Get connected to forums

Using a forum is a great way to connect with many like-minded people who are currently studying for the same certification as you. You’ll learn from their questions and get the ability to ask your own. 

TechExams possesses one of the largest CEH forums. Here, you’ll be able to find help and information regarding what areas you should concentrate on to gain the most from the certification. Not only will this help you pass the exam, it’ll help you focus on the most useful topic areas to help you on the job in the future.

Acquiring the certification isn’t going to be an easy task, but if you have the expertise help of the CEH 312 50 Dumps offered at the ITCertDumps, you would be able to achieve it in a single attempt.

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