6 Reasons to Get CCIE Routing and Switching Certification for Senior Network Administrator

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CCIE Routing and Switching certification is for expert-level engineers who need to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructures. Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching certifies the skills required of expert-level network engineers to plan, operate and troubleshoot complex, converged network infrastructure. Talking about global recognition and career importance, CCIE R&S always tops the list, and this has been rolling in the IT industry for years.

Overview of the Certification Exam

To earn the CCIE R&S certificate, one must pass the written exam and the lab exam. The written test, 400-101 CCIE Routing and Switching is a two-hour qualification exam administered by Pearson VUE, the authorized test provider for Cisco. The exam is made up of multiple-choice and simulations questions to test the knowledge and skills highlighted under the exam objectives. It is essential to mention that it is a closed book format test, and no reference resources are allowed during the exam. It measures the candidate’s knowledge of some equipment commands and networking concepts. It is necessary that the students pass this test before they can proceed to write the lab exam that is an eight-hour test that checks one’s capability to troubleshoot network and configure real equipment under a timed situation.

How the CCIE R&S Certification Helps Senior Administrators Conduct Their Daily Tasks?

1) It is Offered by a World-Recognized IT Organization

To start, CCIE RS is one of the many credible certifications provided by Cisco a globally acknowledged IT leader that exists to create notably essential tools and infrastructure products to help IT experts and businesses. With such recognition, people who are furnished with CCIE certification can assure that their work is also top-notch.

2) It Is an Expert-Level Certification

When it comes to the level of difficulty, CCIE R&S is undeniably not as easy as 123. This expert-level Certification is strongly recommended for those with at least 3 to 5 years background with Cisco networking technologies. There are even myths that the CCIE certification exam is not passable because of its mindboggling written exam and tough, practical lab exam. But with the help of CCIE RS Practice Test and right study materials, you can ace the test in no time. As a result, because of the valuable and extensive groundwork did to prepare for the exam, most senior network administrators will not have a hard time dealing with their everyday tasks in designing, controlling, and troubleshooting various complicated network setups.

3) The Written Exam Fully Develops Your Knowledge

The CCIE R&S certification is split into two exams the written and the lab. CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam itself is difficult, covering 400-101 Syllabus topics like Layer 2 & 3 technologies, infrastructure services, and emerging technology solutions. All the exam objectives are designed comprehensively to make sure that expert will be able to handle challenging enterprise network issues excellently and interpret functional necessities into particular configurations. And if you are a senior network administrator, it will be beneficial as you combat varying concerns in the department every day. Nowadays, one of the greatest apprehensions of organizations is the upsurge of security threats that continue to lurk within the company’s success. Consequently, employers prioritize those with detailed and expanded knowledge about this, which can only be acquired by earning the CCIE R&S.

4) The Lab Exam Brightens Your Practical Skills

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ccnp exam

Adding up to its reputation as a hard certification exam, the CCIE R&S needs the completion of its difficult yet beneficial lab exam. The lab exam, which is an 8-hour grueling, hands-on test, provides you a taste of what the real world is all about. Sometimes, written exams are not just to equip you with the skills needed when you work for an organization. Practical application of knowledge is an excellent way to prove your skills, and this is made possible by the CCIE R&S lab exam. With this type of test, experts like senior network administrators are given a chance to troubleshoot and construct a series of intricate networks, following a specific requirement. Moreover, the exam provides applicants to configure network devices such as hubs and the like so that their technical skills will be polished.

5) It Cultivates Leadership Management

As a senior network administrator, you are required to know everything and all the in-betweens. Effective leadership skills, however, may not be that easy to get, mainly if you're just furnished with a job title. Now, here comes the importance of passing the Cisco CCIE R&S certification. Accordingly, having an expert-level certification like CCIE R&S under your belt provides the notion that you are an effective and credible leader. Through this, members under your team will follow the standards set by the organization and trail behind your rules so that everything will fall according to its ideal place. With that, the company will be on the correct track, and so as your professional career.

6) It Pays a Competitive Salary Rate

Let’s be practical. Having a good wage rate inspires you to work harder, right? With Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching, you are rewarded with highly competitive pay that will surely get you to do your daily tasks efficiently and productively. Most CCIE-certified professionals are paid from 60,000 USD to 168,000 USD making it one of the best-paid IT jobs in the world. So, if you want to get the rewards of high wages and all-encompassing knowledge, then this Cisco certification is something to ponder on. But of course, getting such entails sacrifices, which cover time, effort, and money. The exam is quite costly, priced at 315 USD for the written exam and 1,400 USD for the lab exam. Despite being one of the most costly Cisco certifications, for sure you will enjoy the financial benefits afterward.


The CCIE R&S benefits are not just limited to employment perks and getting potentials but also to your expert career in the long run. While other certifications are more comfortable and cheaper, some of these are not relevant to your career as a senior network administrator. So, if you want something that will help you every step of the way, then no other expert-level certification can furnish you what CCIE RS can provide. The real value of Cisco certifications relies on what you can do beyond those days of studying it turns around your professional career. Now, you make a choice that you will value for a lifetime.

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