6 Surprising Facts about CompTIA Certified Employees

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In an ever-changing IT industry, the skills IT professionals need to do their job well are constantly evolving, and adding certifications to your business can be a critical component of success. According to CompTIA, “Organizations increasingly view certifications as an indicator of the qualification of their applicants when looking for the right candidate to fill their open positions.” In fact, 91% of hiring managers today believe that IT certifications are valuable in validating expertise, according to CompTIA’s Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification study.

What Our Instructors Have to Say About CompTIA Certification

Damon Garn, Technical Instructor at NH Learning Solutions says: “The various CompTIA courses have given me a solid foundation in basic computer concepts that is essential to success in the real world and when pursuing knowledge in more specialized aspects of IT, like server administration, security, or cloud technologies.

“As an instructor, I find that the students who have at least attended CompTIA courses are much more prepared and more able to grasp the concepts of system administration tasks. And because CompTIA is vendor-neutral, the exposure to a wide variety of vendors and products has allowed me to discover parts of the IT industry I want to specialize in and parts I’d prefer to avoid, while still giving me a necessary fundamental understanding of it all. I almost always advise folks that are new to IT to start with A+, Network+ and Security+ before picking a path toward Microsoft products, Linux administration, security specializations or network administration. That foundation is essential to success!”

Scott Thibodeau, Technical Instructor at NH Learning Solutions says: “For people that are new to the IT field, CompTIA certification is going to shorten their job search. Because having that certification, even if it’s on a resume and the employer hasn’t met the person, it makes it easier to separate potential candidates. So, having a certification from CompTIA is going to put you on a shorter list of possible hires as opposed to somebody without it. That hiring manager knows that candidate has taken the time and put forth the effort to master those fundamental skills. I think, from a job search perspective, it’s definitely advantageous.” 

Note: The stats above were taken from an IDC White Paper, sponsored by CompTIA, “IT Support and Security Performance: The Impact of CompTIA Certification on Organizational Performance”, IDC #252603, December 2014.

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Some Closing Thoughts

CompTIA—one of the world’s leading associations representing the international technology community—has developed several specialized certifications that assure employers that prospective IT employees have solid foundation skills in PC maintenance, networking technology or security. CompTIA certifications signify that holders meet recognized standards for obtaining entry-level IT positions or advancing their IT careers. New Horizons provides students with CompTIA courses that will prepare them for any type of certification they may need to begin or further their career in the IT sector. Learn more about our CompTIA learning solutions.

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