7 Signs You May Need Microsoft Excel Training

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Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both the business world and for personal use. However, there are several important reasons why Excel training can make a large impact on employee and company productivity.

4. There are Problems with Payroll 
Getting calls from staff reporting that they’ve been incorrectly paid is a red flag. Paying workers can get complicated when there are several different rates of pay, such as overtime and maternity allowances. Excel has a host of different formulas that you can program to perform on cells so that figures are accurate and your staff is happy.

5. Presentations Fizzle Out 
Meetings are increasingly becoming more visual, thanks to programs like PowerPoint. But occasionally, even this software needs to be populated with files, such as spreadsheets, that might not look that interesting. If you find co-workers seem uninterested or aren’t grasping the information you’ve laid out for them, then try and put the data into an Excel document, where you can add visuals. These can include sparklines and small bar graphs and charts that add weight to figures and make messages clearer and more visually appealing.

6. Constantly under Pressure 
Some managers “want results yesterday,” putting you under more pressure to get spreadsheets completed. But delegation is easy when you’re using Excel, so if you’re constantly being chased, then ward off requests by getting your co-workers involved. You can upload Excel spreadsheets to shared networks like SharePoint so others can fill in fields and cells, depending on the permissions you set.

7. In the Office 24/7 

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Yet another late night at the office examining data in spreadsheets is another sign that you may need Excel training. Thanks to hi-tech mobile devices and software designed for smartphones, you can take spreadsheets with you. This means that if you’re waiting on final edits to a form or you simply need to work while on-the-go, you’re never far from Excel documents, and you can head home on time.

Whether you’re new to Excel or an advanced user, New Horizons Excel courses for the 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007 versions will cover what you need to know to become an Excel power user. And since our Excel courses reveal so many tricks and shortcuts, you can quickly find ways to apply the knowledge to make your current jobs easier.

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