Amazon withdrew from the Chinese market, what do you think?

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It is understood that in the next three months, Amazon will close China’s local distribution center. From July 18 will not operate China’s domestic market business and stop providing services to third-party sellers. However, Amazon’s overseas purchase, Amazon globally stores, Kindle and Amazon cloud computing will continue to operate in China.

This means that China Consumers cannot purchase third-party sellers on the Amazon platform, but they can still purchase goods from the United States, UK, Denmark, Japan, etc. through the Amazon’s overseas purchase platform.

has always had a long-term commitment to the Chinese market. “Amazon said that on the existing good business, it will continue to invest and vigorously promote the robust development of Amazon’s overseas purchase, Amazon global opening, Kindle and Amazon cloud computing.

Amazon said, “Sellers affected in this adjustment are hoped to continue to work with Amazon and expand the global market, you can contact the Amazon’s global shop team to help. “

” is not radical, the investment is insufficient, and the localization is not sufficient. “Besos has summarized the reason for failure in the Chinese market.” The foreign companies are caused. “A Chinese employee said.

Amazon founder Besos officially put Amazon in the Chinese market in 2004, has also overcome Canada, Germany, Japan and other markets. At this year, Amazon was $ 75 million. From the Lei Jun’s hands, the time of the time, all the way, occupying the absolute share of the China E-commerce B2C market.

At that time, China’s e-commerce was just starting, Taobao has just founded a year, Amazon undoubtedly seizures. The market is the market, but the development is not smooth. With the rapid rise of Alibaba, Jingdong, spelling more domestic e-commerce platforms, Amazon’s existence is constantly weakened in the domestic market.

2014 since Amazon China will continue to focus on cross-border online shopping concurrent power to create a unique cross-border business models in order to “buy overseas Amazon” and “Prime membership service” as the core, not only to meet the growing Chinese consumers to buy high-quality overseas The needs of genuine products have also established a differential advantage of Amazon’s cross-border online shopping industry.

users can purchase overseas sites directly through Amazon China’s official website, cross-border direct mail, will be US, UK, Japan, Germany’s Amazon site access. The effectiveness of overseas purchase has made this business so quickly became the first place in Amazon China. In order to deepen this strategic transformation, “We continue to use Amazon global resources, optimize operational efficiency, and improve customer experience To promote the rapid development of overseas purchase business with centralized resources. “

Compared with domestic e-commerce, Amazon has its e-commerce qualifications and global layout, there is a natural advantage in cross-border e-commerce, but still facing domestic strong competitors. Amazon online overseas purchase On the same year, Alibaba launched Tmall International. For domestic consumers, it is directly supplied to overseas import goods. Netease’s cross-border e-commerce Netease Kara officially launched in March 2016, and the new platform Xiaohong book captured a large number of young consumer groups. According to easy-to-face monitoring data, China’s cross-border export e-commerce transaction scale reached 8 trillion yuan.

Global opening business acceleration layout

one side It is Amazon to transfer to China consumers to provide overseas products, and the other is the Amazon’s global opening business is constantly being advanced. According to the information, Amazon “global shop” business, from 2012, Amazon has helped tens of thousands of Chinese sellers success Online Amazon global sites. Amazon has 18 sites worldwide, and supports 27 languages. There are currently 12 overseas sites to be fully open to Chinese sellers.

Chinese sellers can sell goods to Amazon to Amazon over 300 million Active users, and commercial procurement customers in Amazon, Europe and Japan. Amazon’s 175 operating centers around the world can also help Chinese sellers sell products to 185 countries and regions in the world.

It is understood that Amazon’s global open store China’s 2019 business strategy focus includes: supporting the seller’s continuous product innovation and iteration, enhances the core competitiveness, realizing business growth; promoting the seller brand out of the sea, new issuance of “brand +” project, support enterprises to build international brands, Improve the competitiveness of the long-term development of the company; accelerate the seller’s global business layout, Amazon Indian site and the Amazon Site for the seller’s new open, help the company to expand the growth of emerging markets, seize global business opportunities.

and domestic imported e-commerce Different business, Amazon’s export e-commerce business “Amazon global opening” is on the domestic development of China, in the first camp in the export cross-border e-commerce platform, the performance is great to be in the second camp, global vendor, Wish and other platforms. With the good policies of cross-border e-commerce, in recent years, Amazon has opened the store to accelerate the layout of the Chinese market, helping the seller to win global cross-border e-commerce exports with innovation and brand, and accelerate the global business layout.

Amazon’s global shop explored two new business models in China: First, the company has launched a direct doctrine of global sellers directly to Chinese manufacturers, shortening the supply chain distance, can more quickly understand demand and production. Second, the local government will join hands to promote the development of local cross-border e-commerce export development, through the accelerated transformation of local enterprises in the local landing park, promote the company to achieve brand out of the sea.

It is reported that Amazon is globally The store has released the three “cross-border electric business parks” in Hangzhou, Xiamen and Ningbo with the regional government. Among them, Hangzhou and Ningbo Related Park have been officially put into use on April 10th and 17th.

< p> Chinese companies and sellers should better grasp the opportunity of Amazon’s “global opening”. With the trend of Amazon strategic transformation, the layout of global cross-border e-commerce, there are many merchants who do e-commerce in China. In the domestic market, they should go out and sell goods. National gates. In these two years, domestic e-commerce companies have extensive experience, various business models, galloping on major e-commerce platforms, now we go to the Blue Sea of ??global cross-border e-commerce.

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