Are Microsoft Certs Worth it for Small Businesses

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Microsoft is famous for its Office software and operating systems. But this conglomerate has a much broader product portfolio that involves online services, gaming through the Xbox franchise, MSN, Bing, advertising, hardware such as PCs, tablets, mice and keyboards, and much more. It also offers more than 25 active Microsoft Certifications that cover almost all platforms from SQL Server to Windows, Exchange, SharePoint, System Center, Visual Studio, and Lynch.

What is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate?

MCSA is an acronym for Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, and is one of the main certification that Microsoft offers. You can obtain your MCSA Widows Server 2012 Certificate after passing three exams. The exams are structured in a way that indicates that you know how to configure and install Windows Server 2012, use its advance feature and administer Windows Server 2012.

You will undergo testing on maintaining and managing windows servers as well as setting up numerous directories and policies. With a MCSA Certificate, you can be employed as a Server Administrator or a computer network specialist.

What Other Certifications Are Available?

Messaging and Email is extremely important when it comes to running your businesses. As it grows, they need someone working as an expert in managing Exchange infrastructure and this is exactly the purpose of MCSE Exchange Server 2013 Certificates. This Certificate prepares you to be an expert in the mailing (messaging) infrastructure and comprehend both advanced and core solutions of Microsoft Exchange.

If you’re interested in an employee moving up from support personnel to becoming a specialist, or even a security analyst, the MCSE Window Server 2012 Certification is best for you. Unlike the Solutions Associate, the Solution Expert needs a recertification exam to be taken every three years. They need to stay up to date on working with the virtualization, including managing systems, data and identity.

What is SQL Server?

Database administrators are on high demand all over the world, especially if they can manage Microsoft SQL Server, a MCSA SQL Server 2012 Certification tests your knowledge on implementing data warehouses solutions and administering SQL server databases. The skills above are very essential when it comes to working in the IT field, as businesses require individuals to maintain their data and keep it safe.

Just as being a Solutions Associate is in high demand, being the Solutions Expert with SQL Server 2012 is a requirement for all businesses. Your employee still be tasked with helping develop and build databases, but they will as well be in a position to troubleshoot issues. The MSE SQL Server 2012 Certification is the ultimate certification a database administrator can acquire. Your worker will be required to take recertification exam every three years to make sure they are still proficient and knowledgeable. Also, to ensure they’re keeping up with the latest advances in technology.

Benefits of Having Staff Trained on Various Microsoft Programs to Your Company

If you wish to make your career in network, the Certifications is considered to be the best certification, to jump-start your career. But gaining this certification isn’t considered to be that much easy. You have to go through lots and lots of study process unless you have the help of the Microsoft 70 741 Dumps offered at the ITCertDumps.

ccnp exam

Having qualified employees is good for your business. The skills that Microsoft Certifications offer makes your employees virtually indispensable to your company by ensuring that they are efficient and forward thinkers. All the certifications above and more can enhance the flexibility and performance from any department in your business.

The specialized courses enable your employees to better develop strategies that ultimately increase your company’s performance drastically. When your employees are not proficient in their fields, the productivity of your company will decrease. These certifications will also help in reducing the money and time spent while conducting in-house training on the technologies your company utilizes.

Businesses have a better chance to expand if they stay ahead of the competition with regards to technology. When you company has Microsoft Certified employees, they can meet the demands of your consumers and put them in a position to increase revenue and become a leader in your niche.

How Microsoft Proficient Employees Help Ensure a Productive and Harmonious Working Environment

A trained workforce is a clear indication that your company supports employees learning and expanding their skills while working at the company. The diverse range of development and learning opportunities that Microsoft certification offer to your employees help put them in the same level of proficiency.

While diversity is inevitable, and beneficial, in any work force, proficiency on various aspects in the office that are anchored on the certifications above will promote responsiveness, innovation, competency and improved performance. Once each employee feels confident when performing their duties, harmony is promoted in the sense that everyone knows and feels they are a part of a functional team.

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