Best Ethical Hacking Course for Your IT Team

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If you want your staff to learn more about cybersecurity, you might want to consider getting them training in ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is one of the most essential and useful cybersecurity skills, and one that might well prove crucial one day to your business.

No matter the size of your company or organization, having a well-trained cybersecurity staff is more important than ever. Cyber criminals attack both large corporations and small businesses. No matter how big or small your company, a cyber attack can be devastating: on average, cyber attacks cost organizations $1 million per attack.

The best way to safeguard against cybercrime is to have a well-trained cybersecurity staff. The best way for your staff to prevent cyber attacks is to stop them before the start, and that’s where ethical hacking comes in.

What is ethical hacking?

Ethical hacking, also called penetration testing, is a process in which you test your computer systems’ security by attempting to bypass security measures in a controlled environment. In essence, you allow someone on your staff to find vulnerabilities in your security systems before cybercriminals can. Finding and repairing vulnerabilities in your security before they can be exploited is much more efficient and effective than trying to stop an attack in progress, or worse, picking up the pieces after an attack has already happened.

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ccnp exam

Is formal training needed to learn ethical hacking?

While just about any computing skill can hypothetically be learned on one’s own, ethical hacking is a highly complicated skill, one that requires someone to be able to think like a hacker and then use those skills to shore up your organization’s defenses. If you want to train your existing staff in ethical hacking, it makes much more sense to have them learn in a formal program than just telling them to figure it out on their own time.

A good cybersecurity certification training course can be completed in less than a week, after which your staff members can take the certification exam with confidence.

How can getting my cybersecurity staff certified in ethical hacking help my business?

Cyber attacks can be devastating. Sixty percent of small businesses close within six months of experiencing a cyber attack. No organization is too large to be immune from a destructive cyber attack either; one recent cyber attack resulted in losses that exceeded $10 billion.

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