Big data era, we need to adhere to the network security moral bottom line

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On the evening of July 2, the online security review office issued an announcement, according to the “National Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” The Network Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China “, in accordance with the” Internet Security Review Measures “, the” Drip Travel ” Safety review. In order to cooperate with network security review, prevent risk expansion, “Drip Travel” stopped new users during the review period.

After two days, on July 4, the National Net Letter Office issued an announcement. After testing verification, the “Drip Travel” APP has serious illegal violations to collect personal information issues. The National Internet Information Office is based on the relevant provisions of the People’s Republic of China Network Safety Law, inform the App Store to remove the “Drip Travel” app.

“Drip Under the shelf”, it has been released to arouse the enthusiastic discussion of the general public, and the “Drip Travel” app is to effectively protect the personal information security of the majority of users.

With the in-depth development of Internet technology, people’s dependence on the network is also covered by all aspects of life. The personal information security issues caused by the Internet have become increasingly prominent, and the whole society has entered the “big data” era, no matter Whether consumers are willing, consumers’ personal data is not allowed by the enterprise, and someone is searching for it. In the past, a large number of institutions that can only control citizens can only be a government agency holding public power, but now more and more companies have even personal data from massive, these massive data are precious resources for companies, but Once the data is disclosed, the user’s privacy will be violated. In recent years, many user privacy leaks have occurred, and the data protection of citizens’ personal privacy has encountered severe challenges.

With the development of network technology, big data and enterprises have a general trend. How to protect user information, how to ensure network security will become a question that must be answered every big data company. Enterprises collect user information through measures such as user agreements, and obtain a large amount of data, it must also assume obligations to protect user privacy, protect public interest, and national security, and network security is the bottom line that large data companies must strictly admire.

Enterprises should refuse to collect personal information, forcibly bundled, operators collect, use personal information, should follow legitimate, positive, and necessary principles, unrelated personal information that is not related to their services. At the same time, the operating system is updated, and the security vulnerability of the operating system is simultaneously updated, and the security of the operating system is improved. More should be considered and pay attention to whether big data is related to public interest and national security.

Single user’s diet, dressing style, accommodation environment preferences, and travel trajectory information may not be hooked with national security, but a user base has thousands of clothing and housing data and social public interests and national security. Silver contact, know that our country is composed of every individual, so after obtaining data related to the user’s life, it is necessary to think of economic benefits before considering the use of these big data. Whether the means will impair public interest and national security.

At the same time, netizens also need to improve personal information security awareness. Sometimes the occurrence of network security accidents is often because netizens are too low, making criminals diamond empty. Therefore, the majority of netizens must improve their network security awareness and avoid falling into the network “trap” set by the criminals.

As the “newborn” of the Internet, there must be its own moral bottom line. It also guards the bottom line of one part of the motherland. As an Internet company, when collecting, when using big data, for society The answer is based on the actual needs to be used in the people, use the algorithm, and use it within the scope of the rules and regulations. Thus, it is achieved that the concept of people who use people.

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