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The Best way to Predict the Future, is to create it.

There have been many instances when we were asked “Why Networking and not anything else?” Why should we make career in networking over every other technology out there. Well here, you will get to know all about Networking career, opportunuities, growth, salaries, companies, etc.

Career is the continuous process of erudition and growth. The world is ever changing and it is very important to keep yourself upgraded at all times if you want to be at pace with this ever-changing technological world. If it is a case of a newbie, then the role of progress crucially played through career changing.

One needs to be flexible, propulsive, innovational, spirited, autonomous and co-operative to reconcile and fligh high in his career. Along with these, he must also maintain a striking balance between work and family. So, that recreational activities can eases a person.

Career Planning

It is a simple procedure of coping with one’s desire and learnedness. It involves contemplating life, work and curriculum options available to you, guaranteeing that your work is appropriate with your personal fortune. Ceaselessly calibrating your work and understanding plans to help you handle changes in life in the humankind of work.

What is Networking?

Network is connecting two or more computers that allow them to share resources. Some applications of networking where it has changed the nature of job –

  • Work at home
  • Video Conference
  • Information Gathering

Why a Networking Career?

Industries in the career panoply as well as any mundane industry heavily rely on computer networking to sustain interaction between employees and keep the business emanating. They ought to be administered by dedicated people who make an elbow room creatively and who are not unnerved to have (try) an interactive approach on trouble-shooting.

It not only helps to up thrust your credibility but also at the same time soars your technological knowledge. Today’s network engineering is jam-packed with Graphical User Interfaces, if you desire to become a proficient one you got to understand what is going on under the bonnet.

For a beginner, the graph might be steep but as time flies he becomes proficient. For this a lot of campaigning and exploitation is obligated.

Networking is an ever-growing domain in which there is a constant need of support. Apart from this, a company saves tremendous amounts of funds using Networking. It has changed not only the lifestyle but also the ethical manner in which a company works.

Companies have started hefty funding in Computer Networks. It helps the company safeguard themselves from electronic attacks.


Networks are becoming progressively more and more convoluted as the technology is advancing and flourishing. So, the demand for a network specialist does not seem to go out of way anytime soon. Also, the wages are proposed to grow by 4.5% with an average compensation of approximately 3L. There are also a variety of jobs vacancies depending on the nature of your designation. The demand also varies depending on the fact of the amount of experience you have and qualifications.

Job National Salary Data
Network Engineer Rs 5,05,624
Sr. Network Engineer Rs 10,19,477
Network Security Engineer Rs. 4,00,000
Network Specialist Rs 6,80,000
Information Technology (IT) Consultant Rs 14,50,000
Senior Technical Consultant Rs 14,15,526
Technical Subject Matter Expert Rs 14,48,276

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It is an intrinsic for the operation of any industry. Once you have ascertained yourself as a reliable administrator, you can commercialize yourself to any type of industry. You can play the role of a valuable asset in the eyes of the company. Developing countries are exhibiting their willingness to formulate their technological infrastructure. This means that a career in networking opens up the door of real-world implications all over the world and chance to stopover at extraneous locations.

Other Career Branches

Within a few years of experience, you can put up yourself for commercialization in other related branches (eg. Field Technician, System Analyst, Network Engineer, etc.) Besides this their can also be a facility to work at home at your own chosen time or just levying consultative expenses for furnishing your technical expertise.

Worthy Challenge

Everyday newfangled shortcomings are resolved by revolutionary approaches. As you qualify to be creditworthy, the more your knowledge will ameliorate, augmenting your assertiveness.

Network Boom

In the early 2000s, networking happens to be one of the hippest career to work on. It has been ever-growing ever since. Relentlessly prevails to be fashionable. There is also deficit of well qualified people. Some take it to be a runway to get into a pleasing position in an ever-growing domain.

Job Titles

It may vary from day-to-day maintenance of small business networks, all the way up to helping architect the cutting-edge hyper scale data centers run by the internet giants such as Facebook or Google. Several designations are existent in computer networking, having differing wages and long-term career prospective. But, the problem with job titles is that they fail to tell as to what are the work assignments of the person. They tend to be deceptive to people (Both beginners and experts). Insipid, indistinct or highly timid titles are used.

Some of them are:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network (Systems) Engineer
  • Network (Service) Technician
  • Network Programmer/Analyst
  • Network/Information Systems Manager
Job Title Work
Network Administrator Responsible for analysis, installation and configuration of company networks (day to day)
Network Engine Different Job title but same work as administrator (primarily on system upgrades, evaluating vendor products, security testing)
Network Technician Setup, troubleshooting, and repair of specific hardware and software products. travel to remote customer sites to perform field upgrades and support
Network Programmer/Analyst Write software programs or scripts that aid in network analysis, such as diagnostics or monitoring utilities. Evaluating third-party products and integrating new software technologies into an existing network environment or to build a new environment
Network/Information Systems Manager Supervise the work of administrators, engineers, technicians, and/or programmers. Long-range planning and strategy considerations


It is a network specialist’s task to keep the computer network functioning without any interruption. At the same time, it is also his task to safeguard the company’s network from undesired and needless intrusion thereby protecting the company’s secrets.

For these necessities to be fulfilled, a candidate must possess some characteristics like agile, inventive. It is his task to maintains the software and hardware, monitors the system for potential disturbances, analyzes problems, and develops plans for potential solutions. They can foresee loopholes (deficiencies) in the network and device a strategy to avert disasters or dilute impacts.


“Good decisions come from experience, and experience comes from bad decisions”

Ways to strengthen your networking knowledge –

  • Full-time programming
  • Contratual Jobs
  • Internships
  • Part-time work

all these offers with substantial training and hands-on experience. Work with which you are familiar with. But you must make it a point to constantly evolve. Technology is rapidly changing and growing, the thing which is the hottest topic of the day may not be spoken by anyone tomorrow. So, build your foundations well. Networking is vast and irresistible.

Years of Experience National Salary Data (Minimum)
Less than 1 year Rs 3,60,000
1-4 years Rs 4,62,994
5-9 years Rs 9,76,389
10-19 years Rs 19,55,682
20 years or more Rs 36,00,000


A person must be at par with the latest trends in technology. He must continually keep himself updated. This helps him acquire profound knowledge which in turn assists in trouble-shooting various concerns. Communication also plays a vital role because people deal network engineers cope with all employees in the company.

Education and Experience

Your educational qualification demonstrates your commitment and your learning ability while Experience demonstrates your fundamentals. Since, networking is ever-changing, employers devote their attention towards person’s prevalent knowledge. An Educational Degree and Experience Certification will definitely put you a step further of others.

Cisco Systems Inc Rs 5,93,917 – Rs 35,07,985
HCL Technologies Ltd. Rs 6,00,000
Accenture Rs 3,50,000
British Telecom Rs 10,27,237
Juniper Networks, Inc. Rs 17,75,000
Orange Business Services Rs 9,00,000
Aricent Inc Rs 10,00,000
Vodafone Rs 15,80,000
Wipro Technologies Ltd. Rs 12,00,000
Fidelity National Information Services (fnis) Rs 13,00,000
Dimension Data Rs 11,00,000
Microland Rs 16,75,000
Hewlett-Packard Company Rs 16,00,000
L & T Infotech Ltd Rs 4,20,000
Synechron Technologies Rs 6,17,942
Cisco Systems (India) Private Limited Rs 11,53,653
Virtela Communications Inc. Rs 7,00,000

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