CASP Certification and DoD 8570- Does it Meet the Requirements

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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) is a vendor-neutral, master-level credential designed for enterprise technical security leads. It validates advanced-level security skills. The certification is recommended for IT professionals with at least five years hands-on technical work experience. Certified security practitioners possess proven critical thinking and judgment skills across an extensive range of security disciplines.

CASP is an approved baseline certification for IAM level III, IAT level III as well as IASAE level I and III. It is one of the top credentials that fulfill the requirements of the Department of Defense’s 8570 or 8410 directive.

It enables professionals to increase chances of career advancement towards a wide array of roles, including security consultants, information security managers, security architects, or engineers. CASP sets high certification standards when it comes to validating the abilities of IT security professionals to implement elaborate solutions in complex environments.

Some of the key competencies tested in the exam include:

  • Integration of computing
  • Business disciplines
  • Communications
  • Research and analysis
  • Risk management
  • Enterprise security
  • Legal
  • Policy or procedure

Certified individuals have the ability to conceptualize, design, and engineer secure IT security solutions in a wide variety of environments. The ever-changing dynamics of the cybersecurity landscape require specialist skills. This enables professionals to troubleshoot any issues using customized hacks.

Handling the hacks, which come with unique attributes requires master-level IT security experience and skills. CASP-certified security specialists have confidence in their abilities when dealing with such scenarios.

A number of CompTIA approved training vendors offer CASP examination preparation courses. The classes are aimed at helping participants pass the performance-based test, which can be taken in 165 minutes. The majority of training providers host three- or five-day instructor-led sessions or boot camps. The instructors are experienced IT professionals with advanced knowledge of subjects covered in the exam.

Prerequisites and Global Recognition

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner credential is well suited to information technology security specialists with at least 10 years IT administration experience. In addition, an individual requires at least five years technical experience in the field. The certification is intended to augment CompTIA Security+.

Many organizations around the world, including the United States Department of Defense are keen to hire CASP-certified professionals owing to the rise in the number of information technology security threats. The industry-supported certification is compliant with FISMA and meets the ISO 17024. It is developed by top IT experts.

Hewlett-Packard and Dell require their advanced-level information security staff to hold the CASP credential.

Department of Defense DoD 8570 or 8410 Requirement

The DoD 8570 or 8410 directive outlines procedures in addition to providing detailed guidelines relating to the management, certification, and training for personnel with privileged access to information systems. All job categories are assigned one or more relevant certification. The requirements apply to military service members, civilian staff, and DoD contractors.

Certifications like CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), which meet the ISO 17024 are recognized by Department of Defense for their suitability. This means CASP-certified personnel gain privileged access to DoD information systems.

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On the other hand, the 8570 or 8410 mandate enables human resources (HR) managers to plan staffing needs more efficiently. Some of the job-critical areas or defined categories that are covered by the directive include:

  • Roles categorized as management or technical level I, II, or III
  • IAT and IAM roles
  • CND-SP and IASAE roles

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner credential makes it easy for the Department of Defense to ensure that personnel and contractors have the required skills to build and maintain secure IT systems. The certification examination goes beyond basic terminology and theories by covering core topics.

Ongoing education ensures that IT security specialists keep up with current developments in the dynamic IT field. This is critical when aiming to achieve an effective information assurance strategy. CASP focuses on up-to-date course content that addresses job-critical skillsets. It helps increase the Department’s hiring managers’ confidence as regards the caliber of part- and full-time personnel filling key positions.

DoD 8570 or 8410 establishes and unifies workplace elements, including information technology personnel. The elements incorporate cybersecurity and cyberspace effects. This is aimed at aligning, standardizing, and managing job-critical roles. Various Department of Defense components are tasked with the responsibility to determine cyberspace workforce roles. These include combatant commands, Joint Staff, among others.

The directive affects a number of organizational entities within the department, including CJCS, OSD, IG DoD, defense agencies, Joint Staff, military departments, and more. Compliance with the DoD8570 or 8410 requirements is monitored through manpower and personnel systems. This aspect is regarded as a management review and mission readiness item.

Where can I get Training for this Certification?

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