CCIE Security v5.0 What you need to know

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It hasn’t been long since Cisco revised written exam topics for all CCIE certification. Also not long ago they have revised CCNA from version 2.0 to CCNA v3.0. A lot of professionals appreciated the revised content as it now covers the majority of topics of professional and industrial level. Now, CCIE Security exam will be known as CCIE Security v5.0.

Who should take CCIE Security v5.0?

CCIE Security certification tests the expert level ability of a candidate to secure a large-scale network. This certification qualifies you to manage, lead and design the most complex network security solution. Traditionally, you could have taken CCIE Security 350-018 version 4.1 Written Exam and after clearing it you needed to take it’s equivalent Lab version 4.0 but last day to test is January 30, 2017.

Now, after January 31, 2017; you will have to take revised CCIE Security v5.0 exam, also known as 400-251 CCIE Security. Following is the comparison in both of the exams.

CCIE Security v4.0

Written Exam Topics

1. Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications and Network Security 2.  Security Protocols 3.  Application and Infrastructure Security 4. Threat, Vulnerabilities Analysis, and Mitigation 5. Cisco Security Products, Features, and Management 6. Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions 7.  Security Policies and Procedures, Best Practices and Standards

Lab Exam Topics

1. System Hardening and Availability 2.  Threat Identification and Mitigation 3. Intrusion Prevention and Content Security 4.  Identity Management 5. Perimeter Security and Services 6.  Confidentiality and Secure Access

CCIE Security v5.0

Unified Exam Topics

1. Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention 2.  Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security 3.  Secure Connectivity and Segmentation 4. Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access 5. Infrastructure Security, Virtualization, and Automation 6.  Evolving Technologies

Steps to take for CCIE Security v5.0

Step 1: Take CCIE v5.0 Written (Exam code: 400-251). According to Cisco,

“The Cisco CCIE Security Written Exam (400-251) version 5.0 is a two-hour test with 90–110 questions that validate professionals who have the expertise to describe, design, implement, operate, and troubleshoot complex security technologies and solutions. Candidates must understand the requirements of network security, how different components inter-operate, and translate it into the device configurations. The exam is closed book and no outside reference materials are allowed.”

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ccnp exam

Step 2: Take CCIE v5.0 Lab; this exam takes 8 hours to complete. There are still 3 modules in the lab exam.

Module 1: Troubleshooting module (two hours) Module 2: Diagnostic module (one hour) Module 3: Configuration module (five hours)

Check Out complete detail about the CCIE Security Lab Exam.

Here You can fin Domain comparison of CCIE Security v4.0 and CCIE Security 5.0 

Here is a comparison in CCIE Security v5.0 written and Lab exam,

Domain Number

Domain Written Exam Percentage (%) Lab Exam Percentage (%)


Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention 21



Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security 17



Secure Connectivity and Segmentation 17



Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control 22



Infrastructure Security, Virtualization, and Automation 13


6.0 Evolving Technologies 10


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