CCNA Cloud- Is this the Right Certification for your Employee

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Cloud computing has moved into the mainstream of enterprise IT and has taken over most of the functions that were traditionally handled by centralized servers. It has become a core competency of all types and sizes of businesses. Cloud computing can no longer be denigrated as “shadow IT” or dismissed as a domain for startups or SMBs. As such, all businesses must be ready to have and manage cloud-based applications.

Technological advancements tend to come with a new challenge: the need for building cloud skills. Lack of expertise is the biggest challenge when it comes to the adoption of cloud computing. What’s more, it may be difficult for businesses to find qualified personnel with the knowledge and competence needed to work with new technology.

That’s why Cisco has updated its certifications with the CCNA Cloud certification. If you’re looking to improve flexibility, scalability, and performance with cloud solutions, your employees must be equipped to support the solutions.

What is the CCNA Cloud Certification?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Cloud (CCNA Cloud) certification is a program focused on job roles and designed to help IT professionals to develop, improve, and verify their cloud skill set. It also enables organizations they work for to meet the changing demands from technology evolutions. With the CCNA Cloud certification, your employees will obtain the skills necessary to perform installation and support of cloud solutions.

Through the program, professionals who specialize in cloud solutions learn:

  • Cloud deployment models
  • Cloud characteristics
  • Unified storage such as integrated infrastructure solutions
  • Unified fabric, including infrastructure virtualization and data center network architecture

The course is designed for Cloud administrators, Cloud Engineers, Network engineers, Cloud design engineers, Cloud infrastructure architects, Cloud operation engineers, Virtualization engineers, and Support engineers. As an employer, you should consider enrolling members of your workforce in this training and certification program to help them enhance their cloud computing knowledge and skills and to also help your business implement and maintain cloud infrastructures.

How Does it Benefit Your Business to Have Certified Employees?

Cloud computing is scalable, reliable, and cost-effective. But since the services are handled on a public network, your data is rendered susceptible to various external threats. You cannot afford to lose critical business data and for this reason, you need competent professionals who can deal efficiently with any kind of threat. What’s more, the networks continue to evolve, making it important to have professionals trained and skilled to maintain and manage networks in your organization.

  • Promotes teamwork: With certification training, your employees will be able to draw from a single knowledge base. As a result, they will be in a position to work together, perform at a given level of expertise, and use common terminology. In essence, certified employees have a shared understanding of cloud computing as well as the associated tasks and issues. Certification will also result in consistent operations that will increase efficiency and lower operational costs.
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  • Employees complete tasks faster: When it comes to handling cloud-computing tasks or resolving problems, CNNA Cloud certified employees typically outperform their peers. Having in-house talent also reduces downtime when there’s a major problem with the cloud platform.
  • Boost your company’s image: You cannot accept to be operated on by an unlicensed surgeon. Similarly, your clients want to know that your IT employees are qualified to protect their data from potential hacking. Having employees with cloud computing certification can improve security and performance, which will lead to customer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced employee confidence: The CCNA Cloud certification allows employees to develop an advanced understanding of cloud infrastructure services and engineering technologies to implement job roles and fulfill cloud administration in businesses. They are taught to handle complex day-to-day challenges and deal with real-world cloud services. As such, your employees will have confidence in their abilities and likely to take their work more seriously, think forward, and solve issues before they can affect your company’s performance.

How Can You Tell When You Need a Cloud Certification on Your Team?

If your employees don’t know how to use a certain cloud computing hardware or software efficiently to do their work, then you know it’s time to have them trained to close these skill gaps and boost reliability. Certification is also important if you want to learn new skills. The IT field is dynamic and technological advancements create a growing skills gap. As such, it will be more time-consuming and expensive to hire new employees with cloud computing you’re looking for.

Another telltale sign that it’s time for certification is lack of much-needed support for your employees. When your employees don’t feel supported and well-informed or they don’t know how to apply their knowledge, corporate training can help them apply their skills and knowledge to cloud roles. When your employees are requesting training or sending hints, then it’s an obvious sign that training is needed and your employees are ready to undertake the course.

Whether you’re looking into the cloud or just getting started, educating your employees should be your first strategy. ITCertDumps offers the CCNA Cloud Certification course to prepare your employees for the certification test. Connect with ITCertDumps today for more information.

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