CCNA Wireless Certification- Secrets to Acing the Exam Successfully

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Cisco is leading, largest and often acknowledged as the number one IT company in fields, including networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other kinds of high technology services and products. Cisco Systems and networking services and software are utilized by almost all Fortune 500 companies and many other companies. The Cisco certifications qualify individuals towards managing the Cisco products/services. Cisco certifications make you stand apart from the group while offering you instant job opportunities and high salaries.

Overview of CCNA Wireless Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless or CCNA Wireless Certification is considered to be one of the best IT security certifications and the most valued certifications around the world. An associate-level certificate for IT networking, it will provide support to the applicants who could give a boost to their professional career with better jobs as well as higher payscales. The CCNA Wireless certification confirms that the applicants have skills to configure, operate, in addition, to troubleshooting routed as well as switched networks.

Any valid CCIE, Cisco CCENT or CCNA Routing and Switching certification can work as a prerequisite. The CCNA Wireless 200-355 WIFUND is the exam by which one can get the Cisco CCNA Wireless certification. This exam essays the applicants’ understanding of Radiofrequency and technology’s configuring, installing, troubleshooting, and maintaining the small and medium-size wireless networks.

Below are the seven tips following which you can assure that you pass the CCNA exam successfully and pass out with an excellent score.

Secrets to Acing The CCNA Wireless 200-355 WIFUND Certification Exam Successfully

1) Go through the Self-Study Materials

It is of foremost importance that you go through all the course materials associated with the CCNA Wireless certification. The study materials should include subjects, including:

  • RF Fundamentals

  • 802.11 Technology Fundamentals

  • Implementing a Wireless Network

  • Operating a Wireless Network

  • Configuration of Client Connectivity

  • Performing Client Connectivity Troubleshooting

  • Site Survey Process

2) Enroll in the Instructor-Led Training Program

Enrolling the Cisco certified instructor-led training program will assure that you get profound learning of the different topics. You can study at your convenience and time also as the videos are always there on the portal.

3) Participate in Online Forums

There are many Cisco forums and other study groups where many IT professionals and learners share their experiences and sources. The tips, advise, and study resources can be beneficial when you wish to pass the CCNA Wireless 200-355 exam with high grades.

4) Take Practice Tests

Taking practice tests will give you a clue of the real 200-355 exam structure and configuration of the question papers that you face. Practice tests will cover all the CCNA Wireless syllabus topics. By taking practice tests, you can find your weakness and much more time to study on the same. You would be identifying the areas where you are needed to have most of it need to gain knowledge.

5) Acquire Practical and Hands-on Experience

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ccnp exam

There are many theoretical and text-related questions asked, but there are also the practical questions which emphasize on examining the real-world and practical skills achieved by the applicant while learning. The CCNA wireless exam topics here could involve networking and troubleshooting, among others. As an IP can be uncertain at times, you should be able to come up with alternative approaches to retaining the network alive.

6) Increase your Speed

You may study all the topics thoroughly and still fail on the exam if your speed is not up to the mark. Hence it is essential that you sharpen your answering skills based on the 90-minute timeframe, which you will get for answering the 60-70 questions during the CCNA Wireless exam.

7) Mentally Prepare Yourself

You should be able to prepare yourself mentally for the exam. While learning the different topics will give you enough confidence, solving the questions in the given time duration will further increase your mental strength while overcoming your anxiety. Try to imagine the exam scene, the questions you would be confronting, and what can you do to remain calm and alert during the time. Many aspirants also follow a daily physical exercise routine to keep on to their nerves during the exam. The CCNA Wireless certification carries global significance and is also accepted universally. Following the tips explained here will guarantee that you make the most out of the opportunity.


While wireless technologies that have been already obtained a lot of advancement within a few years of its beginning, there would be still a lot that would be prevailing to be explored in this technology field. There is a need for professionals who could further develop the technology, make the current technology to be more convenient to the people, and also give benefit to the current users of the technoloOverview of CCNA Wireless Certification. The CCNA Wireless certification will not just open the doors to networking success, but you would also be able to present yourself as a networking expert along with global acceptance.

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