Cisco Networking Workshop at D.Y.Patil Institute, Pune

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The mind of the child is always on the alert, restless and eager to receive firsthand knowledge from Mother Nature. Children should be surrounded by the things of nature which have their own educational value. Their minds should be allowed to stumble upon and surprised at everything that happens in today’s life– Sir Rabindranath Tagore

A Vision of a better tomorrow, a better future is the motto of ITCertDumps. A clear mind is the best mind and education or brining the awareness about the present is something that always has been the goal here. Hence, by conducting workshops, training programs, and fun, the young brains have always been the goal. Conducting successful workshops that are fun and exciting is our passion. Students usually think of a workshop as boring lectures and endless hours of sleep. But at ITCertDumps, workshops are designed to be interesting. Workshops here are to get the mind running with new ideas and to turn them into reality.

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Such is another page from the diary of ITCertDumps’s successful workshops.

-Reporting from Pad. Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of Engineering and Management Research, Akurdi, Pune, Maharashtra.

Recently, Pad. Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of Engineering and Management Research College was a host to another of ITCertDumps’s workshop on Cisco Networking. Pune has always been a hub of quality education and many new ideas becoming reality. Hence for such greater ambitions faculty coordinators and Student Coordinators Aishwarya Gupta ,Vaibhav Ghule, Zaiyan Khan , Girishankar Chakli, Andhurkar Shruti, Sudhir , Sutar Komal Mahadev , Bhatia , Vikas Kadam and Amol Choudhary organized all the necessary arrangements very efficiently.

Day 1: The Beginning of Workshop

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With student coordinators on their heels, the participants were soon seated in the seminar hall. The teachers greeted the trainer with fresh flowers and kind words of appreciation. Soon the trainer started the session with encouraging words filled with wisdom. The students were all ready to learn the basic fundamentals of Cisco Networking and discovering the virtual world around them.

Soon basics of Networking were discussed with many curious questions and answers. The students were taught the following topics:

  • Networking fundamentals
  • How Networking Works in Industries.
  • How students can design their own Network using Cisco Packet Tracers.
  • How Various protocols works on Real-time Devices.

The new piece of information excited every student to try out the basics and hence, the students were given CDs with a pre-installed software set up for virtual routing developments and reference videos to consult from.

Day-2: More Knowledge Shared

The students were again greeted by young smiling faces and the day took off. Everyone had done their homework and was prepared for the practical demonstration of the real-time devices (Routers and Switches) real-time demonstrations were shown on Routers and Switches. The students were taught the how to work on Simulators if they don’t have Real-time Devices. With the basic idea in mind, they were soon taught how Networking Protocols like RIP/OSPF/EIGRP work on real time Routers and Switches.

During the last hours of workshop, a small competition was organized and 3-4 winners were selected and awarded with Unique Appreciation Certificates. All the young minds were seen racing against time to come first.

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