Comprehensive Comparison of CCIE Security v5 and V4

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CISCO CERTIFIED INTERNETWORK EXPERT [CCIE] is the certification provided to those candidates who are eligible to appear for the expert level certification under CISCO. Being, CCIE recognised for it’s level of difficulty and competency globally this certification is perhaps, considered as “doctorate of networking”.

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CCIE certified experts are known in not only the domestic markets but also, the global markets for their ability to comprehend situations and lay down analytical solutions with their skills and knowledge with regards to the situation problems arised.

That being said, these certified professionals or the network engineers holding an active CCIE Certifications known for their expertise in network engineering skills and jack of all CISCO services. This certification being recognised with it’s number being in increasing status for every subsequent years, thereby establishing a reputation for the generation of most skilled and technically expertise professionals, so as to deploy the most challenging network assignments.

CCIE has 6 major tracks wherein one can seek expertise at:


CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert in security, {CCIE SECURITY} strategically recognizes experts having sound knowledge and skills in IT, Architect, engineering, Implement, Troubleshoot, Support and Contribute their best towards CISCO Security Technologies and Solutions by using the sophisticated technology thereby applying their skills towards reducing modern security risks, threats, vulnerability and requirements.

CISCO Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE SECURITY) was rated as 6th among the 15 best networking skills that provides the most decent salary of $100,000 above, wherein CCIE Security salary was rated as high as $168,769 according to the survey conducted by 9500 tech professionals in late 2012 by Global Knowledge And Tech Republic.


The very essence of network security is to prevent networking systems from hacking or any other further misuses, wherein all the confidential knowledge is inevitably leaked thus, causing hindrance to an organization. Following are its types:

  • Breaches of Confidentiality: Each business will identify with the need to keep certain critical information private from competitor’s reach.
  • Data destruction: Data is a very valuable commodity for individuals and enterprises alike. Data is the heart and soul of any organization’s success, destruction of it will thereby, lead to the organization hindrance and losses.
  • Data manipulation: An organization stores bazillion information of utmost confidentiality in their systems for its proceedings, manipulation of which can be done for individual benefits, thus perfect backup systems are required and security tracking systems are required so as to trace the manipulation victim and keep organization systems secured.

Above mentioned were some of the major

significance of network security importance. However, this can be prominently highlighted by its scope given below.


CCIE( Cisco Certified Intern Network Expert) certification was introduced in the year 1993, so as to distinguish the top echelon of internetworking experts worldwide.

Following are some tabular presentations for the same:

  1. Qualification required for this course:
Degree Expected Salary approx. [In Rs]
BE. Above 150,000
BTech. Above 140,000
BS/BSc. Above 180,000
Bachelor’s degree Above 140,000
MCA Above 130,000
  1. Best companies for placements:
Cisco Systems INC. 595,976-18,64,469
HCL Technologies ltd. 350,000-16,20,000
Orange Business Services 13,00,000
Juniper Networks INC. 20,00,000
Microland 15,00,000
  1. Popular Indian Cities for recognition:
Banglore 2,50,000-35,00,000
New Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida 2,50,000-35,00,000
Mumbai/Pune 1,96,000-15,70,000
Hydrabad/Chennai/Kolkata 2,14,000-14,00,000

4.Top Profile Designations:

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ccnp exam

The very standard set for internet working expertise is the rigorous written examination and the on field lab based performance. As the program continually updates and revises its various testing tools and methodologies to ensure unparalled program, quality, relevance and value.

Below is the apt comparison for the CCIE SECURITY V4 & V5 curriculum.


CCIE Security examination has changed its pattern from v4 to v5 that includes explicit disclosure of which domain to enrol for and what possible examination to appear for and the relative weightage for the same.

The written examination number/code has changed from 35081 to 400-251. This change will urge the experts to be well-equipped with technological enhancement such as cloud, network programming etc. It is also advisable to experts to raise their opinions whilst discussions with various business leaders so as to be influenced for trending in this global village.


On the basis of the domain:

CCIE Security v4.0
Written Exam Topics 1. Infrastructure, Connectivity, Communications and Network Security 2. Security Protocols 3. Application and Infrastructure Security 4. Threat, Vulnerabilities Analysis and Mitigation 5. Cisco Security Products, Features and Management 6. Cisco Security Technologies and Solutions 7. Security Policies and Procedures, Best Practices and Standards Lab Exam Topics 1. System Hardening and Availability 2. Threat Identification and Mitigation 3. Intrusion Prevention and Content Security 4. Identity Management 5. Perimeter Security and Services 6. Confidentiality and Secure Access
CCIE Security v5.0
Unified Exam Topics 1. Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention 2. Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security 3. Secure Connectivity and Segmentation 4. Identity Management , Information Exchange and Access 5. Infrastructure Security, Virtualization and Automation 6. Evolving Technologies


Topics Removed in v4.0
· Legacy IPS Appliance Easy VPN
Topics Added in v5.0
· Advanced Threat Protection · Virtualization · Automation · Information Exchange · Evolving Technologies

On the basis of hardware and software v4

CCIE Security v4.0 Hardware and Software
Hardware · Routers o ISR 3825: 15.1(3)T3 o ISR 1841: 15-2.T1 o ISR 2951-G2: 15.1(3)T3 · Catalyst Switches o 3560-E: 122-55.SE5 o 3750-X: 150-1.SE2 · ASAs o 5512-X: 8.6(1) o 5510: 8.4(3),8.2(5) · IPS o 4240: 7.0(7)E4 · WSA o S170: 7.1.3-021 · WLC o 2504: · AP o 1242G: 124-25e Virtual Machines · ISE: 1.1.1 · ACS: 5.3 · Test PC: Windows 7 · AD: Windows Server 2008

On the basis of hardware and software v5

CCIE Security v5.0 Hardware and Software
Virtual Machines · Security Appliances o Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE): 2.1.0 o Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS): o Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA): 9.2.0 o Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA): 9.7.1 o Cisco Wireless Controller (WLC): 8.0.133 o Cisco Firepower Management Center Virtual Appliance: 6.0.1 and/or 6.1 o Cisco Firepower NGIPSv: 6.0.1 o Cisco Firepower Threat Defense: 6.0.1 · Core Devices o IOSv L2: 15.2 o IOSv L3: 15.5(2)T o Cisco CSR 1000V Series Cloud Services Router: 3.16.02.S o Cisco Adaptive Security Virtual Appliance (ASAv): 9.6.1 · Others o Test PC: Microsoft Windows 7 o Active Directory: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (AD is not required to be configured by the candidate) o Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module : 1.2 o Cisco Unified Communications Manager: (The CUCM is not required to be configured by the candidate) o FireAMP Private Cloud o AnyConnect 4.2 Physical Devices · Cisco Catalyst Switch: C3850-12S 16.2.1 · Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance: 5512-X: 9.6.1 · Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller: 2504: · Cisco Aironet: 1602E: 15.3.3-JC · Cisco Unified IP Phone: 7965: 9.2(3) (IP Phone is not required to be configured by the candidate)

The lab module has also changed significantly including 3 modules:

The 8 hour lab format consist of 3 modules that needs to be taken during the day of the exam:

Module 1: Troubleshooting module (2 hours)

Module 2: Diagnostic Module (1 hour)

Module 3: Configuration Module (5 hours)

Its thereby very close to pertaining production of the network having various security components providing various layers of security at different parts in the network.

Below is the diagram which accurately explains the passing criteria:


Due to changes in trend leads to change in dynamism, this involves certifications like CCIE SECURITY to play a major role. Sophisticated technology is required by numerous organizations to proceed with their wear and tear but keeping those confidential and secure from vulnerable risks is what CCIE Security expert is expected for. Technology is upgraded day in and day out, one has to accept the significant changes in syllabus also, so as to work at par when bought in field. Thus, this certification is growing its significance through the national and international borders because of secure systems protecting against threats and this is the ultimate reason for its brighten scope.

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