CompTIA Certifications- When is it Time to Recertify

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CompTIA certifications are an important component of any business and government IT and cybersecurity employee training. After your employees have received their CompTIA certifications, it’s important that they maintain them through continuous education.

These certifications expire after every three years and you may wonder what to do next after their expiry. Although your employees still hold that certification even after its expiration, you can choose whether to recertify through an exam or to invest in a different CompTIA certification.

7 Benefits of CompTIA Recertification

Recertification is the renewal of authenticated IT certifications. This simply means updating knowledge and skills that are related to a specific IT domain. In the IT world, recertification ensures that employees are competent to handle the various IT tasks in your workplace.

Recertification boosts your company’s image

You cannot visit an unlicensed doctor. Similarly, your clients want proof that your IT employees are protecting their data from potential hackers. Ensuring that your employee’s certifications remain current will prove to your clients that your employees have mastered essential skills and knowledge. What’s more, this will help your business to stand out from competitors.

Refresh your employee’s knowledge

CompTIA recertification will require your employees to practice the entire process once more and revise the knowledge and techniques they learned in the first place. Although it may sound repetitive, it helps identify which areas your employees need to put more effort.

Boosts productivity

According to recent studies conducted by different organizations including CompTIA, Microsoft, Novell, and IDC, employees with current professional certification tend to be more productive. This is because your employees will be better prepared to deal with complex day-to-day challenges by making use of recent technologies.

Enhances your employees’ confidence

The recertification process will enhance your employee’s knowledge and skills level to successfully complete IT related tasks at your workplace. When your employees have confidence in their abilities, they will be more likely to think forward and proactively anticipate potential issues and solve them before they can affect the performance of your business.

Enables your employees to retain more information

The CompTIA recertification process will help your employees to identify their weak areas and the constant learning will enable them to retain more information than other employees who haven’t undergone through the recertification process.

Your employees become more reliable

The recertification process will equip your employees with the latest skills. This means that they can outperform those who skip the recertification process in essential job-related tasks. Recertified employees will be more likely to provide better performance levels in different IT related activities compared to the rest.

Keep up with technology

The best and worst thing about the IT industry is that it’s dynamic. What we consider cutting edge today will become out of date within a few years. Therefore, regular recertification is important to ensure that your employees and your business keep up with technology without necessarily hiring new talent. Additionally, your employees will feel valued and will become loyal to your business.

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CompTIA Recertification Process

Renewal cycle: For all employee CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security, and CompTIA Network+ certifications that were earned after January 1, 2011, they are all labeled CE which means that continuing education is a requirement for the certification to remain authentic. These certifications expire after three years from the date of certification. Therefore, your employees will need to participate in continuing education to keep the credentials current. However, you don’t have to wait for the three years to invest in employee CompTIA recertification.

CEUs (continuing education units): Each CompTIA certification has its own number of CEUs which your employees can earn by completing some activities. In fact, your employees may have already accomplished some of the qualifying activities. To earn CEUs, your employees have to meet some requirements that qualify for CEUs including:

  • Completing activities within the three-year recertification cycle
  • At least 50 percent of the activities must be directly related to a number of exam objectives for the specific certifications being renewed.
  • Your employees will also be required to provide documentation for some activities such as participation in IT-related activities, acquiring of non-CompTIA IT certifications, relevant work experience, and complete training and education. To determine whether your employees CEUs are valid, use CompTIA’s CEU assessment tool.

Multiple CompTIA recertification: Some of your IT employees have earned multiple CompTIA certifications. The CompTIA CE program enables them to keep their ISO/ANSI accepted certifications currents by recertifying only the highest-level certification. Your employees receive full CEUs when they earn other IT CompTIA certifications.

Is it Time for You To Recertify Your Employees?

The recertification process is as important as the certification process in ensuring that your employees have mastered essential skills and knowledge. Investing in the recertification of your employees will also help you keep up with emerging trends and technologies. To begin the recertification process for CompTIA certifications, or to send your employees to be certified for the first time, visit ITCertDumps today.

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