CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst Certification for Your IT Workers

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Cybersecurity becomes more crucial every day, as cyberattacks mount and the number of connected devices grows. Along with these changes has come a greater need for skilled cybersecurity professionals.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in fact, has predicted that jobs in information security will increase 28% in the period from 2016 to 2026, thereby making it one of the fastest-growing fields. While several paths toward becoming a cybersecurity specialist exist, one of the most prominent is the CompTIA certification.

Why CompTIA?

CompTIA, which is among the world’s foremost technology associations, is well known for setting industry standards, promoting skills development, and generating knowledge throughout the industry. The CompTIA cybersecurity career pathway is widely recognized for helping IT pros gain mastery of cybersecurity through the CompTIA Security+ certification. This covers core knowledge required in any cybersecurity role and is the foundation for qualification for intermediate-level cybersecurity jobs.

Generally, this certification, which assesses knowledge, skills, and abilities of an IT professional, is obtained after an individual has gained several years of experience. After earning this experience, cybersecurity pros may pursue the CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ certification. Designed to assess the skills needed to improve security through application of behavioral analytics to networks, this certification teaches users how employ these tools:

  • Packet sniffers
  • Event management and security information systems
  • Intrusion detection systems

These skills are now considered essential for the security analyst job, which has become more important since the Target cyber breach of 2013 where the data of 70 million customers were stolen. The IT professional usually pursues this certification after three to four years of cybersecurity fieldwork.

Why Data Analysis Is Crucial to Cybersecurity

In today’s cyber environment, a breach should be considered inevitable. Perimeter protections are no longer impenetrable, and attackers will find a way in.

In general, attackers use a combination method of malware and social engineering, such as an email phishing attack from which they harvest information, and then lure unwary users into a malware download. Once they have a foothold, the attackers create or obtain credentials that allow them to move laterally while they do reconnaissance and gain more access.

Sometimes these attackers will remain present in the target organization for a long period, undetected. The final stage is when they steal data through exfiltration — a process which can also cause damage through intentional vandalism.

Another prominent threat involves ransomware. Cyber attackers enter a system and then lock up data, demanding you pay a ransom for it before you are given access. These attacks are becoming more common than ever. Malicious attacks can also occur from within from disgruntled employees.

Threat detection methods and perimeter-based security defenses continue to be important means of protecting information systems, but neither will be sufficient to defend data against the level of threats that have emerged since 2014. Businesses, government, and organizations must maintain 24/7 connectivity to various web, social, and mobile applications inside and outside network boundaries and firewalls.

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As the scenario described above illustrates, it’s become commonplace for cyber thieves to employ sophisticated, automated techniques whereby they work their way into networks undetected, gaining free access to sensitive data.

Today, information security teams must provide real-time defenses that predict threats through analytical methods. These methods can monitor critical performance characteristics, including CPU usage, network traffic, and port activity, as analysts identify trends or unique events that present as malicious activities. Analytics may also raise alarms regarding abnormal behavior of end users by flagging activities that veer from a normal baseline.

Benefits of CompTIA CySA+ Certification

CompTIA CySA+ certification will benefit your IT professionals who need the following security analyst abilities:

  • Ability to perform data analysis
  • Ability to configure/use threat detection tools
  • Ability to interpret results that identify threats, vulnerabilities, risks

While there are no prerequisites for this certification, success is better assured if it follows the CompTIA Security+ certification exam, or equivalent experience. A hands-on focus is also recommended. Other recommendations for prior knowledge and experience:

  • Network+
  • Security+ (or equivalent knowledge)
  • Minimum of three-four years of information security or related experience.

Who Should Obtain This Certification?

Cybersecurity personnel, who protect information systems by assuring authentication, confidentiality, and integrity, should take this course. Those who successfully complete the certification will be qualified for defending information systems by means of protection, detection, analysis, investigation, and responding.

In today’s world of ever-more sophisticated cyber-attacks, you can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your organization from destructive breaches. You owe it to your clients, your employees, and your business to help your cyber security personnel reach the next level of cyber skills by enrolling them in CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+ certification training program. Call

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