CompTIA Mobility+- Worth It for Your Company

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For most of us today, the world revolves around our mobile phones. Because more and more people are embracing this technology, there is a dire need for professional technicians who can invent and sustain mobile features that make life easier. CompTIA, which is the leading association of IT technology, has projected that the demand for mobile technicians will continue growing, and it has brought to you a niche certification (CompTIA Mobility+).

What is CompTIA Mobility+ Certification?

CompTIA Mobility+ is a leading vendor-neutral certification that enables IT, professionals, to stay ahead of the mobile-ready curve. This certification also validates the ability to work with a wide variety of existing and emerging mobile technologies and knowledge in the latest mobility trends. CompTIA Mobility+ certification also proves that you understand different mobile technologies and over-the-air systems that are expected to dominate business operations in future.

Benefits of CompTIA Mobility+ Certification

Security: The CompTIA Mobility+ certification focuses on security concerns that mainly affect mobility, from BYOD (bring-your-own-device) environment threats to encryption of both data in motion and data at rest.

Managing the Internet of Things (IoT): Almost everything from electric meters and gas to wearable tech and smart cars now make use of mobile technology. The CompTIA Mobility+ certification will equip you with the technical skills required in the management of systems that drive these devices.

Close the Gap: According to a report by CompTIA, 44 percent of businesses have reported a difference between the mobile technology knowledge level of their staff and the level of knowledge that is required. The CompTIA Mobility+ certification solves the problem by making technicians exactly what businesses require.

How can CompTIA Mobility+ Certified Employees Benefit Your Business

Employees have never been more connected than today. They roam everywhere they go with their tablets, smartphones, and other devices that have become as common as laptops and projectors in the corporate world. Several companies are now embracing the idea of “Bring Your Own Device” among their employees, which allows them to decide which equipment to use. Smartphones are now used to manage businesses and personal functions whilst tablets have become common in both the living room and boardroom.

The usage of mobile devices by your employees to connect to the enterprise network brings great flexibility, better communication, more collaboration, and easy access to data that drives your business to success. However, using mobile devices can also be a risk to your business. Company data isn’t only accessed through secure company internet but from unsecured public networks.

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According to a recent survey, it was discovered that over 81 percent of employees have at one time used their personal device for work functions. In case of a breach, how can your IT administrators safeguard data on different devices being used in different locations on multiple networks? For you to be able to meet the unique security challenge brought along by mobile devices, you will need to train your employees and provide them with knowledge and skills required to secure critical data across different platforms and devices.

CompTIA offers globally recognized IT certification in different specializations from Linux administration to server performance, and it has introduced the CompTIA Mobility+ certification, which requires in-depth knowledge of mobile devices management and troubleshooting of hardware and mobile applications, security of mobile devices, and the networks that support such devices. With this certification, your employees can deploy, integrate and manage mobile environments while maintaining high levels of security, which is important to your business.

Professional Certification Benefits Your Entire Company

There are numerous reasons why your employees get professional certifications. A professional certificate validates a persons’ expertise, leads to added prestige, and puts the holders ahead of the pack. However, helping your employees earn professional certification can be of great benefits to your business.

Happier Employees who are willing to stick around Longer: People are happier when they work for organizations that invest in their professional development. Your employees will also feel noticed and valued by your company, and this value can prompt them to stay. This will reduce your biggest expenses of staff turnover.

Boost Productivity: Studies by small, medium and large companies including CompTIA have discovered that employees with professional certification tend to be more productive. This is because certification prepares your workers to deal with day-to-day challenges and benefit from new technology.

Gives your Clients Confidence in your Business: Investing in employee training and certification tells your clients that your company invests in high professional standards. Your clients will feel more secure knowing certified professionals are serving them.

The ability to develop and maintain mobile technology infrastructures is becoming an important criterion for the success of any business. Connect with ITCertDumps today to equip your employees with CompTIA Mobility+ certification training and ensure they are competent in these skills.

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