CompTIA PenTest Vs. EC Council LPT- Which Certification Is Right For You

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With cybercrime posing a constant threat to organizations large and small, you might be thinking about making sure your employees have as deep an understanding of the latest cybersecurity concepts and strategies as possible. One great way to verify that your employees know what they need to know to keep your company safe from cyber-attacks is to help them earn third party certifications.

Third party certifications are exams that test one’s expertise in specific areas of cybersecurity. Some test general expertise, while others are focused on a specific skill. One of the most useful, specific skills in cybersecurity is penetration testing. Penetration testing involves deliberately attempting to bypass a cybersecurity system in order to find and repair vulnerabilities before an outside attacker can. Training to become a penetration tester is a valuable use of any IT employee’s time, and several third part certifications exist that prove one’s acuity in penetration testing.

Two of the most well-known certification exams for penetration testing are CompTIA’s PenTest and EC Council’s LPT exam. Both are worth considering if your employees want certification, but both exams also offer different perks, as well as other aspects to consider. Here is a comparison of CompTIA’s PenTest and EC Council’s LPT exam, to help you make an informed decision as to which one is better for your employees.

First off, what are CompTIA and EC Council?

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) and EC Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants) are both non-profit organizations dedicated to providing certifications to IT professionals. Passing certification exams by either group is a great sign that someone is an expert in that topic.

Why is penetration testing so important?

Penetration testing gives you the chance to stop cyber attacks before they start. Letting someone in your company search for weaknesses in your computing systems in a secure, controlled setting is one of the best ways to be sure that your cybersecurity strategy is as sound as possible.

How do the CompTIA PenTest and EC Council LPT exam differ? What do they offer?

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While both exams test acuity in penetration testing, they differ in the extent of what they test. The PenTest is a more straightforward penetration testing assessment, designed to certify that the taker knows how to conduct a thorough and effective test. The LPT exam covers a wider array of areas of expertise.

To pass it, the taker needs a deep understanding of cybersecurity and the many ways a hacker might be able to exploit an organization’s security systems. In other words, the PenTest shows that someone understands penetration testing on a professional level, while the LPT exam showcases a deep and thorough expertise. LPT licenses need to be renewed every two years.

Which exam is better for my employees?

It depends on what your company needs. If you need your employees to have a basic understanding of penetration testing, then the CompTIA PenTest might be the best option. It is significantly less expensive and it is still an expert level penetration testing certification.

The EC Council LPT certification is a better bet for organizations that are handling particularly sensitive data, or that are likely targets for hackers and can afford the extra costs of the LPT exam.

No matter what your organization needs, getting your employees certified in penetration testing is a great idea. No matter which certification you decide on, having the peace of mind that your cybersecurity strategy is as sound as possible is invaluable.

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