CompTIA Project+ Difficulty- How Certification Training Can Help

Now that you have known about the Salary of Network Security Engineer, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable CompTIA CL0 002 Dumps provider like that of the ITCertDumps.

One way to beat your competitors is by having skilled and certified workers. There are various certifications that are based on employee expertise and out of most of them, CompTIA Project+ is among the best and most valued certification for employees in the IT field. According to CompTIA, the project + certification will provide your employees with:

  • 85 percent more confidence
  • 58 percent more knowledge
  • 53 percent more ability

The CompTIA Project+ certified will equip your employees with the knowledge and skills of professional project management. This certification enhances the employees’ ability to initiate, manage and also support projects or business initiatives. Contrary to common belief, this certification isn’t meant for IT professionals only.

It is designed for individuals who want to enhance their project management experience. Projects that are well-run will help save you time and give you ample time to focus on company goals. Through this certification, your employees will get communication and business skills required to lead business projects with confidence and also complete them on time while ensuring that the projects don’t exceed the budget.

Is Earning the CompTIA Project+ Certification Difficult?

While most of the CompTIA certifications focus on the IT industry, the CompTIA Project+ certification deals with all aspects of project management and operates more on a general level. Your employees will only be required to undertake one compulsory exam to pass this certification. This means that getting certified depends mainly on how difficult the exam is. Although the exam mainly tests on general project management topics, it’s important to note that it focuses mainly on management of projects in the IT industry. To determine the difficultness of the exam, you have to consider the four main topics covered in the exam, the passing percentage for the exam, and if there are any prerequisites.

Topics Included

Project initiation – 20%

This topic assesses whether candidates are able to initiate projects in the right way. It tests if a candidate knows how to create proposals and present them to customers. Candidates should also know how to begin projects through communication.

Project planning – 30%

Candidates are also tested on their ability to plan projects. Candidates should have the skills to use different software including PERT and Gantt charts among others during the project planning process.

Project execution – 43%

This topic is very important in the CompTIA Project+ certification. It tests the ability of candidates in executing projects. This means that candidates have to make different decisions, improvements, and changes during the course of the project.

Project closure – 7%

This topic will test how a candidate closes the project by assessing the documentation and communication.

Although no system is ever 100 percent protected, the ability for differentiating between typical network traffic as well as potentially harmful malware is considered crucial and provides the focus of this associate-level certification path. Also, if you wish to acquire this certification, you should gain the CompTIA CL0 001 Dumps, which are being offered at the ITCertDumps.

ccnp exam

All these topics are of a general level and the questions in the exam are basic. Only the project planning topic will require candidates to use some complex software. But as far as the topics are concerned, candidates shouldn’t worry as they can ace them easily if they prepare well.


Like many other certifications, it’s logical to think that the CompTIA Project+ has some prerequisites. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. Candidates don’t require any prerequisite experience or skills. Although CompTIA recommends that candidates should have at least 1-year working experience before they get this certification, this isn’t compulsory. There are several people without any experience in this field who have cleared the test easily.

CompTIA Project+ Formal Training will help you Succeed in your Exam

While you don’t need to undergo formal training to pass this certification exam, it’s a good idea to invest in some form of formal training. Some of the benefits of formal training include:

  • Experienced professionals are less likely to fall behind or give up studying for this certification if they choose formal training.
  • The course is well-structured and comprehensive, and it covers a wide variety of subjects that will give you all the tips and information you need to easily pass your exam.
  • You can obtain your certification faster because you’ll move through a well-structured course instead of unstructured self-taught methods.

How will your Business Benefit from Having Certified CompTIA Project+ Employees

As more and more businesses and organizations invest in ways to reduce risks and prevent waste with IT projects, the need for project management is growing. As several other businesses place more consideration on soft skills and management in the IT industry, the Project+ certification is expected to become more relevant. The IT industry has been saturated with techies for long and it’s time to combine both the technical and business worlds for the success of your business.

As the scope of your IT projects broadens and have more impact on more than the IT department, you will need more project managers. Visit ITCertDumps or call 1-800-720-9185 to invest in employee CompTIA Project+ training and help your employees communicate and manage technical projects.

If you wish to make your career in network, the Certifications is considered to be the best certification, to jump-start your career. But gaining this certification isn’t considered to be that much easy. You have to go through lots and lots of study process unless you have the help of the CompTIA CAS 003 Dumps offered at the ITCertDumps.

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