Ethical Hacker Job Opportunities

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As technology innovation accelerates and becomes increasingly sophisticated, grows at an exponential rate, and there are continually new and exciting devices and gadgets hitting the market. While these advancements in society have largely offered us a tremendous level of convenience, there are always a few bad apples in every barrel, and some people use technology to their own benefit at the expense of innocent victims. The demand for qualified personnel to assess the security of computer systems is at an all-time high in the Washington, DC area, and you have a lot to gain by obtaining a Certified Ethical Hacker certification. There are five lucrative areas in the field worth consideration.

Information Security Analyst

Businesses are in need of qualified professionals who can plan and implement security measures to protect computer systems, and that’s exactly what an information security analyst does. By conducting research on new technologies that will protect the network, they provide much needed protection from outside sources. If this interests you, the median salary is $70,934. You will be pleased to find, however, that those working in DC can expect a salary of around $ $78,293.

Security Engineer

Once you have some IT experience under your belt, you can move on to a security engineer position where you’ll take on additional responsibilities including:

-Analyzing, troubleshooting and investigating security-related information system anomalies

-Configuring, maintaining and analyzing network and host-based security platform

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-Regular system scanning

-Data Loss Prevention

-Network Access Control

-And much more!

The median salary is around $88,513, but those in the DC area can expect to earn around $102,000.

Security Analyst

If you like to get down to the nitty gritty and provide your own advice on how to improve technological systems, a career as a security analyst is a great use of your CEH certification. In this position, there will be large importance placed on continued education to keep you continually up to speed, and the median salary is $66,509. With high demand in DC, you can expect to earn around $75,111.

Penetration Tester

Another exciting career you can pursue with CEH certification is penetration testing. Here, you will be responsible for actively attempting to hack your own system. Using your knowledge, you get to put yourself in the bad guy’s shoes. Hackers are smart, and companies need the skill of penetration testers to beat them at their own game. While the median salary is $77,392, DC jobs pay an average of $82,504.

Information Security Manager

It takes a team to properly secure a network, and experience in leadership along with your CEH certification could land you a job in information security management. One of the primary roles is to perform both internal and external audits and display leadership and strategic direction to mitigate the organization’s information security risks. Median wage is $102,017 with DC managers making around $108,767.

Going Further in Your Career

Cyber security professionals are in high demand, and we can only expect the need for their skills to increase as technology continues to innovate. If you are pursuing a career in Cyber Security, now is the time to get your CEH certification if you haven’t already! Training courses are available to prepare you for success if you are still in the process of obtaining the certification. You don’t have to limit your career path to those duties of a CEH technician, however. CEH job salaries in the DC area are increasing, and you could enjoy a fulfilling career by advancing your training even further and taking an Advanced Penetration Training Testing class. We never know the demands in security the next year will bring, and this is a career choice that will keep you on your feet.

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