Future-Proof Your Career with a CompTIA A+ Certification

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The field of information technology (IT) offers numerous opportunities for professionals. But like other jobs, you will need several tools to go up the career ladder. IT certifications are helpful because they let you showcase your expertise. CompTIA A+ is just an example of worthy certifications to acquire.

Overview of CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ certification will give you the required skills and expertise when entering the field of Information Technology.

The IT field is a big and competitive arena, and only those with certifications distinguish. Especially, CompTIA A+ certification will qualify you with the essential skills and expertise to establish a career in the IT field. CompTIA A+ is normally among the primary steps in the CompTIA certifications career path. It is a standard certification comprising two separate yet interrelated exams, which are listed below:

  1. CompTIA A+ 220-1001
  2. CompTIA A+ 220-1002

1. CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Certification

The CompTIA A+ 220-1001 exam assesses the needed skills for the entry-level IT professionals. The applicants who pass the exam will obtain the knowledge required to configure, maintain, and install PCs, mobile devices, as well as software for users. They will know how to accumulate components on the basis of the demands of clients; figure out the basics of networking and security forensics; give relevant support for clients; utilize troubleshooting skills; safely and precisely diagnose, solve, and document general software and hardware problems; understand the basics of desktop imaging, virtualization, scripting, and deployment. The 220-1001 certification exam is comprised of about 90 performance-based and multiple-choice questions. The time given to answer the questions is 90 minutes. The applicants are expected to have at least 9 months of experience working as an IT support specialist.

There are definite skills that the exam is intended to include. They include

  1. Mobile Devices (14%)

  2. Networking (20%)

  3. Hardware (27%)

  4. Virtualization and Cloud Computing (12%)

  5. Hardware and Networking Troubleshooting (27%)

The percentage indicates the weight of questions that can be expected from each of the topic area.

2. CompTIA A+ 220-1002 Certification

The CompTIA A+ 220-1002 exam is also intended to measure the needed skills for entry-level IT professionals. Those individuals who pass this certification exam will receive the understanding and expertise required to gather various components based on the requirements of customers; maintain, configure, and install PCs, software, and mobile devices for consumers; practice troubleshooting skills; and perceive the main principles of basics of scripting, deployment, desktop imaging, and virtualization, among others. Technically, the skills to be learned in this exam are about the same as the Core 1 test cover but on a larger scale. The 220-1002 exam is made up of 90 questions. The candidates have a period of 90 minutes for the completion of the test. Before you sit for this A+ exam, CompTIA advises that you have at least 12-month experience working as an IT support professionals.

Some specific skills will be evaluated in this exam, and you are expected to comprehend these areas and emphasize the topics during the preparation. The topic areas comprise

  1. Operating Systems (27%)

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  2. Security (24%)

  3. Software Troubleshooting (26%)

  4. Operational Procedures (23%)

It is important to point out that every skill area also has sub-topics that concretize what applicants are needed to include for each of them.

CompTIA A+ exams are pointed towards the technical support and operations of IT, the software side. This confirms that CompTIA A+ is not just about repairing Computer, but also about troubleshooting and addressing many issues in networking, mobile devices, operating systems, security, etc. So, as a CompTIA A+ certified professional, you are more fitted in job profiles such as field service technician, computer technician, helpdesk technician, and manufacturing.

Benefits of CompTIA A+ Certification

1. A Valuable Asset in Your Organization

Having a distinguished and standard IT certification like CompTIA A+, you will bring more significant benefits to your organization for many reasons. You are not just an ordinary professional. CompTIA A+ certification will help you to stand up from the rest of the mass. For one, businesses are assured of having engaged qualified and skilled employees, which will then give an important cascade of benefits to the organization. From a qualified professional, there will be better efficiency and lesser training expense for them. Moreover, with better productivity, more clients will get satisfied, and ultimately, the organization will become even more prosperous. The organization will have a better mean by then.

2. Sharpen your Skills and Expertise

After studying several books and CompTIA study guides, you will surely have a solid knowledge of this basic exam. You will know your strengths or those topics that you are already well-versed about. Not only that, you are given a chance to determine your weak topics so that you can give more emphasze on these topics.  

3. Improve Your Confidence

Having a thorough knowledge of the CompTIA A+ objectives will help you acquire that confidence to prove that you are competent enough as a professional. As a reward, this unlocks the door to a lot more opportunities for you, which you can look forward to great. Passing the exam means that there are great things in store for you. But of course, you should be able to deliver your task efficiently and appropriately. That is why polish your confidence as early as now so that you are more than ready to conquer more significant career heights.

4. Higher Salary Compensation

CompTIA certifications are beneficial in providing you the basic skills and understanding associated with software and its relevent features. Some of the recognized organizations that hire CompTIA A+ certified professionals are Intel, Nissan, Ricoh, Dell, and HP. Your average salary can extend from $ 45,000- $ 60,000, based on your job role. May it be a field service technician, support technician, desktop analyst, or help desk tier to support. This is already sufficiently great for a beginning salary in your career.

5. Better Career Opportunities

As a starting point in your career, earning a CompTIA A+ certification will help you have acquainted choices. You will have a framework to which path to follow in developing your career. It is a great advantage since you will have a more comprehensive network of connections once you pass these exams.


To be able to pass the exam and receive the benefits out of it, you should get prepared consistently for the exam. Get a hold of the exams overview and all the other study resources. Concentrate on your objectives and the advantages you will receive once you become a certified CompTIA A+ IT professional. Always consider to study smart and stay continued. Be a CompTIA A+ certified IT professional and start building a great career!

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