How hard is the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam

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Are you preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam? Well most of us are apprehensive about how the paper will be, whether we will pass, what will be the result. But you need not worry if you have the right skills and right preparation tools then there is no stopping you.

Moreover, AWS Cloud Practitioner exam has been built for technical as well as non-technical professionals seeking a career in cloud computing. So, before you prepare it is very important to gather all the details and then start your preparation.

Is AWS Certification worth it?

There are many reasons that make AWS Certification different and best from others. Moreover, we will illustrate the advantages that will help you know about the worth of AWS certification and why it is a preferred certification –

  • Firstly, you should know that the AWS cloud has become the leading cloud service provider. And, being the top cloud service provider many organizations are hiring AWS Professionals.
  • Moreover, AWS has witnessed an increase in demand for AWS certifications in top companies including BMW Group, Netflix is running on AWS.
  • AWS also provides various levels of certification which starts from beginner level and ends at the professional level.
  • Moreover, AWS certification is the key to open doors for new opportunities to get a secure future. 

Who should take the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

AWS Cloud Practitioner is for those individuals who can define and understand Amazon Web Services (AWS) using their skills and knowledge. Moreover, this helps individuals to test their ability to explain AWS Cloud Architecture Principles. In addition, as a Cloud Practitioner, you will be required to examine their knowledge of key services of the AWS platform and basic security.

  • Firstly, the exam is suitable for individuals who can demonstrate the AWS Cloud using their knowledge and skills.
  • Moreover, this certification provides you with a high-level introduction to AWS. And, the main focus is on the general structure of AWS and working knowledge of its services.
  • Also, AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification is one of the basic platforms that provide Cloud Certifications including those like Azure, and Google Cloud.

Knowledge Requirement

  • Firstly, candidates should have at least six months of experience with the AWS Cloud, including technical, managerial, sales, or financial.
  • Moreover, the candidates should have a basic understanding of IT services and knowledge in using the AWS Cloud platform

Exam Pattern

In this exam, you have two types of questions,

  • Firstly, there are multiple-choice questions; it has one correct option with three incorrect options.
  • Secondly, it has multiple responsive questions, which can have more than one correct response out of five options.


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ccnp exam

Domain 1: Cloud Concepts

  • Firstly, it defines the AWS Cloud with its
    value proposition.
  • Then, identifying aspects of AWS Cloud
  • Lastly, listing the different cloud
    architecture design principles.

Domain 2: Security and Compliance

  • Defining the AWS shared responsibility
  • Then, defining AWS Cloud security and
    compliance concepts
  • Identifying AWS access management
  • Lastly, identifying resources for security

Domain 3: Technology

  • Firstly, defining methods of deploying and
    operating in the AWS Cloud
  • Defining the AWS global infrastructure
  • Then, identifying the core AWS services
  • After that, identifying resources for
    technology support 

Domain 4: Billing and Pricing

  • Comparing and contrasting the various pricing models for AWS
  • Then, recognizing the various account structures in relation to AWS billing and pricing
  • Then, identifying resources available for billing support

How to Prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam?

In other words, exam difficulty-totally depends on the way you are preparing for the exam. For example, if you are able to understand things then, you can easily do those things. But, in case you don’t, then that becomes difficult. So, let’s focus on the tips and tricks that can help you during the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

But, before moving on the tips and tricks there are few things that you need to keep an eye on. Firstly, you should know about on what basis AWS abilities validation is done for the exam.

Abilities validated for AWS Cloud Practitioner

  • Firstly, you should be able to define the AWS Cloud and the basic AWS Cloud architectural principles.
  • Then, describing the AWS Cloud value proposition with key services on the AWS platform and their common use cases.
  • After that, you should be able to describe the basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform.
  • You should know how to define the billing, account management, and pricing models.
  • Lastly, identifying sources of documentation or technical assistance.

Then, there are AWS Resources for exam preparation that help you prepare for the exam and pass without any difficulty.

Exam Resources

Amazon Web Service provides many benefits when it comes to certification. Most importantly, they give you access to all of its resources. In addition, this will help you a lot during exam preparation. As you all know that, with good resources and material you can pass this exam. These resources include,

AWS Free Trainings

AWS offers various free training for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam at the link – These training sessions are provided free of charge and only registration is needed. Moreover, the various training relevant for preparation are,

AWS Technical Essentials

This AWS course covers technical aspects of the AWS platform as needed in the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam. Moreover, it covers technical details on AWS services with fundamentals of AWS services to map as per your business requirements.

AWS Business Essentials course

This course includes the business and economics aspects of the AWS platform. It covers

  • Firstly, the financial benefits of AWS
  • Then, AWS compliance
  • Lastly, the security of the AWS  platform

AWS Whitepapers

Free AWS Whitepapers for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam is at the link –

the relevant whitepapers for the exam are

  • Firstly, Overview of Amazon Web Services whitepaper, July 2019
  • Then, Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices whitepaper, October 2018
  • After that, How AWS Pricing Works whitepaper, June 2018
  • Lastly, Cost Management in the AWS Cloud whitepaper, March 2018

AWS Reference Books

are many reference books that are available for the AWS Cloud Practitioner
Certification Exam. And, the few good ones are,

  • The Beginners Guide to Amazon Web Services book by Dennis Hutten
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide book by Ben Piper, David Clinton  
  • AWS Basics: Beginner’s Guide book by Gordon Wong
  • Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide book by Todd Montgomery
  • Amazon Web Services for Dummies-by Bernard Golden

Now, let’s move on to the AWS exam tips & tricks by experts to help you prepare for the AWS Cloud Practioner exam,

Time to pass the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam!

Passing the AWS certification exam includes not just studying the AWS cloud concepts but also making a good plan for exam preparation. Most importantly, the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam is the key to open your doors for advanced AWS certifications. So, let’s start preparing AWS.

Some tips before starting Preparing

Often, it has been seen that candidates when preparing for the exam do not get good study content for the exam. However, there are many websites from where you refer and buy the study material. But, the problem is which one to trust and refer for preparation. So, we are listing some of the websites you can take help from. Moreover, with the expert’s advice and learning resources, there is no stopping you.

Popular websites for AWS Cloud Practitioner

  1. Udemy
  2. TestPrepTraining
  3. Edureka
  4. Simplilearn

Moreover, these websites will help you by providing training material which includes video sessions as well as real-time exam questions with different sets. And, they also provide assistance in which a team of experts is always there to help you.

Get Familiar with the Concepts

When you are preparing for an exam, the exam concept is the most important thing that you need to understand. And, the AWS CCP certification exam has the following exam objectives, which should be followed thoroughly.

  • Firstly, explaining the AWS cloud and its basic infrastructure
  • Describing the account management, billing, and pricing
  • After that, explaining AWS cloud values
  • Then, explaining the basic principles of AWS Cloud Architecture
  • Further, describing the shared security model, security and compliance concepts
  • Recognizing the main sources of technical assistance or documentation

Above all, you should review them carefully. After that, start your preparation through the recommended study material for each subject area.


AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam covers all the basic concepts and knowledge of AWS Cloud. Moreover, if you have experience working on the AWS cloud platform then, self-study is enough to pass the certification exam.

And, if you are not good at some concepts then, you can take an online course for the exam preparation. Because online training will help you understand and cover all the subject areas. Moreover, you can find a lot of material on the AWS website itself.

Practice Test

The AWS Cloud Practioner Practice test for any certification exam is the most important part that you have to give the maximum time.  Moreover, we know that learning the exam content is necessary but, that is not enough to do well in the exam. So, if you want to perform well, you have to practice and do as many questions as possible.

Suggestion for preparation

While preparing for the exam, the main issue was not finding relevant and practice questions. Your primary focus should be on finding unique mock tests with authentic questions and an in-depth explanation of every question. Moreover, you will find a lot of websites offering unlimited access to the questions. We will now move onto the exam tips you must follow for assured results.

Exam Tips

  • You all know that the best way to prepare for the exam is to have confidence and a good understanding of concepts.
  • Moreover, you have to do your best on the exam. And, this is not only for the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam but this applies everywhere. However, you should keep this in mind that, this exam is not as difficult as people make it sound.
  • Above all, the main things that matter is, the right resources and training.
  • Most importantly, start your preparation with the basics and then slowly increase your level. 
  • Also, you don’t have to cover all the topics in one go. So, take your time, and understand everything slowly.

You will surely crack this exam, just remember this. So, keep your mind calm and prepare well for the exam. Moreover, take this exam as a key to open doors for high-level certification. ALL THE BEST!

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