How Important is a PMP Certification

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The PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is an internationally recognized certification issued by the Project Management Institute. No other project management certification can compare with PMP. It aims to provide your project managers with a platform to associate, share information, and discuss common problems related to project management.

The certification is recognized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO9001:2000) as a gateway validating a manager’s competence to perform in the role of a project manager, leading and directing projects and teams. Some of the benefits of investing in employee PMP certification include:

Benefits to Employees

Higher Credibility

Every industry requires professionals to upgrade their skills regularly, and PMP training is one such step that makes a significant impact on management. With the PMP certification, your managers will be highly sought by clients requiring competent professionals to handle their projects.

Global Recognition

Managers who desire the freedom to work from any part of the globe can pursue PMP training. Since the International Standardization Organization recognizes the certification, it enables your project managers to receive global recognition, and they can work in any of your offices around the world.

Able to Handle Challenging Tasks and Projects

For your employees to have the confidence to handle new and challenging tasks, you should highly consider investing in employee PMP training and certification. This certification will help them to build up the ability to handle new challenges tactfully.

Job security

Job security is one of your employee’s concerns. In today’s workplaces, employees are being replaced with artificial intelligence. However, there exists a wide gap between the need for skilled professionals to work in hand with artificial intelligence. This means that if your project managers have PMP certifications, they are likely to retain their jobs and contribute immensely to the organization’s objective.

Benefits to Your Organization

Value addition

Managers with project management training add value and reputation to your organization. Having certified managers will assure your clients that their projects are in able hands of qualified managers. Clients are beginning to favor businesses whose managers have PMP certifications when they place bids on projects. They see the certification as a benefit that reduces the risk of their projects going over the budget or time. In highly competitive markets, PMP certifications will put your organization at the core of your potential clients’ minds.

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Improved Work Culture

Having PMP certified managers will help improve the working culture in your organization by providing useful insight to junior staff about the tools of project management hence improving the competence level of your organization in handling complex projects. While managers don’t need the PMP certification to be good managers, investing in their certification will give your company a competitive edge in the market.

Delivery of Successful Projects

Projects fail due to unrealistic time planning, poor time management, inadequate resources, and inability to meet the client’s needs. However, if your project managers have a PMP certification, they are able to manage projects with utmost diligence, efficiency, and tactfulness in resource allocation and time management.

How is the PMP Certification Important When Working Inside a Large or Small Company?

Managers in various industries like education, IT, Healthcare, and manufacturing can pursue the PMP certification. According to the Project Management Institute, certification and credentials are distinguished by their global developments and applications, which make them transferrable across industries and countries.

This indicates that the strengths of the certification are portable and not tied to any standard or organization. One of the key requirements to register for the certification is at least 4,500 hours leading and directing, and 35 hours of the project management education. This implies that the certification is not for beginners but qualified professionals.

Whether you own or manage a small or large organization, the PMP Certification is essential. All projects that your employees handle are unique. While some a relatively straight forward, others are complex and highly risky. In addition, each will require a different approach when managing the projects. However, most project managers use project management dogma without applying any changes. Applying the same efforts to all projects is wasteful.

When your project managers use a detailed framework for all projects, it will lead to excessive planning which can cause waste of time and stifle the project before it even begins. Through PMP certification, your project managers will expand their thinking and learn new forms of project management.

Is PMP Certification Right for Your Employees?

The shift to digital processes coupled with the changing company cultures and increased demand for professionals means that today’s projects are more complex thus require certified professionals with a diverse pool of skills. PMP Certification is an assurance to meeting the increasing demand for diverse skills in ensuring successful project completion. To start training your project managers,

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