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Most of the companies revise their road map for the coming years in the beginning of every financial year. Motivating employees to make them understand their roles in company goals is an integral part of management.

Each individual has some goals in his life, and he proceed with the aim to achieve at least 50% of what he had committed to himself and to achieve more than 90% to what he had committed to his managers.

If you learn the art to align your goals with the company’s goals then these 2 numbers will match.

4 Steps how to proceed
1. Define your goals
2. Review Company’s short term and long term goals
3. Redefine your goals
4. Define your team’s goals

How to define your goals:
List down your strengths, weaknesses and possible areas for improvement.

Create the list of projects already planned or are in the execution or implementation phase. Plan to deliver all on time and within budget and look for bottle necks if any. Create your wish list for the coming years, share it with your manager. Ask him to guide you to select top 3 from your wish list. Your manager would review the list from company’s perspective, so he would be in a better position to judge. Check if any project of your wish list is already started by some other manager or was started in past but put to hold due to certain reasons. Based on this, revise your wish list.

Check with your manager regarding the training on certain functional or technical areas. Share a business justification, so that your manager can arrange the training for you and or your team. This way you can groom yourself and later on apply your knowledge in your projects in pipeline. Any PMP Boot Camp (Whizlabs) will delve more about all such issues.

How to review company’s goals:
Consider the company’s current needs and future needs, and update your key responsibility areas accordingly. When managers recognize growth and advancement potential in employees, or when a qualified employee expresses an interest in career growth, managers should work with the employee to establish growth goals. These goals are designed to increase employee responsibility and test whether the employee has the ability to perform at higher levels. Stating clear goals can help an employee identify what needs to be learned or accomplished to advance their career

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How to redefine your goals:
After going through the goals of your company, review your wish list. Do the required modifications, add a new project which can be of great value to your company either in form of revenue generation or customer satisfaction. You can also improve the quality of work and team performance by requesting for certain training for your team members.

How to define your team’s goals:
Ask your team to reshape their tasks so as to align their goals with company goals. Offer ongoing training to help define or modify goals. If an individual job description does not align with the company’s goals, be prepared to change it.Managers should focus the employee goals on training, growth and performance. The goals should be communicated clearly to employees and each should be able to help the manager in meeting company’s goals and to motivate qualified individuals toward advancement.Ask for opinions during company meetings and try new ways of doing things. Listen to issues and complaints, there may be areas of improvement, find and address them.

Encourage honesty and self-growth by promoting individuals who consistently work hard and show commitment.Employees may not go against their own belief system to meet company goals.Ask your team members how he or she would handle in certain circumstances, and compare his/her answer with company goals.Tell the employees that they should think and act like an owner or a partner of the company. Sometimes, aptitude and attitude of the employees, plays a significant role in accomplishment of company’s achievements.

A PMP certified project manager would ensure industry best practices to ensure the success of the project along with the company. Knowledge and certifications play a key role in the career of project managers. A good manager must review internal and external quality metrics, and challenge teams to deliver higher quality to their ‘internal’ customers (example by driving out defects earlier in the cycle). Executing root cause analysis when applicable during the development cycle, and certainly at the end of the release can result in improvement in the quality of your product. Choose the company’s goals which your teams can execute at their level and are measurable, then drive it.

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