How to clear AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Exam

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AWS Certified Cloud Practioner Exam

Amazon is the penultimate giant in the cloud with AWS. The AWS certifications credit the knowledge of a candidate about the key cloud tools and a comprehensive understanding of AWS. There are various certifications in different categories that AWS offers. However, of these the most basic certification is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

What is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification?

This certification is introductory and prerequisite to other specialty certifications. It is an entry level certification in the hierarchy of AWS certifications that are increasingly essential and in demand in the field. It assesses basic knowledge pertinent to Cloud Architecture and AWS. The certification is independent of any technical skill that is otherwise a factor in other certifications. 

It validates the candidates skills in terms of their ability to describe AWS cloud architecture principles, AWS cloud value proportions, key services on AWS platform, security and compliance aspects, core aspects of deploying and operating AWS etc. 

Who should take the certification?

Any candidate who can evidence experience of at least six months with AWS in any role whether technical, financial, managerial, sales or purchasing is eligible for the certification.

Since the certification assesses basic IT knowledge, candidates from IT background are thereby suitable since they have an understanding of the uses of IT services. 

Exam Information – AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 

The Certification exam is of the multiple-choice format that has to be undertaken in ninety minutes. However, the 65 questions within the format can be of two types. Those with a singular correct answer with three incorrect answers and those with multiple correct responses to a particular question. There is no negative marking but unattempted questions count as incorrect in any case. 

The exam assesses four subject areas in general that incorporates cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing.

Cloud concepts elaborate to 28% of the exam assessment. Likewise, security covers 24% while technology and billing and pricing cover 36% and 12% respectively. 

AWS cost calculator service, Shared Security Model, DDoS Protection core AWS services such as EC2, RDS, ELB, Lambda, etc. are all the domains that are relevant to the exam. 
The candidate receives a notification immediately after the test is complete about their result. AWS uses a scaled scoring method and provides a detailed analysis of the performance of the candidate. 

How to Prepare for your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam?

1. Training :-

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In order to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam, one can begin with the AWS training classes. These courses cover the AWS Cloud Practitioner essentials along with AWS technical essentials and AWS business essentials. 

The Cloud Practitioner essentials cover the necessary cloud concepts, AWS services, support, security, and architecture. It provides a comprehensive understanding of AWS Cloud-related knowledge. 

The Technical essential course elaborates on the cloud products, certain solutions and an analysis of the AWS services that can help one to counter IT issues. It is a more practical course. 

The business essentials course studies the financial profits and cloud deployments that are beneficial and valuable to the overall business goals of an organization. 

2. Exam Guide :-

AWS provides its exam guide that explains the necessary areas for the preparation of certification exams and an overview of its objectives.

3. Whitepapers and Documentation :-

The AWS whitepapers enforce a methodology that can be used to approach the Certification course. The whitepapers are informative and elaborate in their description of the relevant subject areas of the exams.  It also provides an overview of AWS Cloud adoption methods.

4. Sample questions and practice tests :-

In accordance with the extensive study that the certification requires the candidate to pursue, it is only wise that the candidate explores sample questions and attempts at practice exams. Such an approach would offer a practical assessment of one’s preparation and also give insight into the structure of the exam and the amount of time that it takes.  Full-length practice tests are beneficial and can be availed online easily. It would be better to acquire the tests from at least two different platforms in order to get a diverse and varied sense of questions. 

5. Books :-

There are books and handouts that strategist the course of the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. From the beginner’s guide to more practical texts all can be availed easily. The candidate can avail a book based on her level of knowledge in the field. Books can be distinguished on the basis of their focus be it for beginners, programming experts, Amazon tool sets, etc. 

6. Scheduling the exam and attaining certification :-

It is advisable that the candidate schedules their exam in accordance with their eligibility, preparation, certification validity and its benefits. 

If the need arises, a candidate can reschedule their exam within 24 hours and this wouldn’t charge any additional fees.

7. Online Courses :-

Online courses would be valuable for instructor-led training, video classes and discussions. Visual content is easier to grasp and use for clarification, explanations.

The choice of the platform for the same would affect the quality of learning that the candidate acquires. Thereby it is essential that the candidate makes a thoroughly researched and informed the decision in their choice.


8. Suggestions :-

The certification exam can be challenging, therefore, it is advisable that an organized approach is undertaken. Join online forums for information and discussions and also in order to stay updated with the new AWS products that have or shall become subject to the certification exam. 

After the Certification

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification is valid for up to three years after which the candidate would have to recertify themselves.

One can give a simpler version of the exam that is valid for the recertification or one can go for an Associate level certification since the prerequisites are met. 

The certified candidates receive a notification for the re certification from AWS six months before their certification validity expires.?

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