How to crack AWS certified Alexa Skill Builder

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AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty is Amazon’s first AWS certification for Alexa, the popular virtual assistant used in Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot smart speakers. This certificate is launched by Amazon to provide a path to developers who want to acquire the validation for working with the virtual assistance for smart speakers.

AWS Certificate Alexa Skill Builder is developed for individuals who perform a role as an Alexa skill builder. This certification authenticates a candidate’s ability to build, test, and publish Amazon Alexa skills.

Why to get AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder?

AWS Certified Skill Builder – Specialty Exam (AXS-C01) is designed to prove a candidate’s ability to demonstrate knowledge about building, testing, publishing, and certifying Amazon Alexa Skills.

This exam demonstrates the candidate’s ability to:

  • Elucidate the value of voice.
  • Design the user experience.
  • Understand AWS and Alexa’s best practices for a skill.
  • Design and develop the architecture to build a skill.
  • Develop a skill.
  • Test a skill.
  • Validate a skill.
  • Troubleshoot a skill.
  • Manage the skill publishing process
  • Work with Alexa developer Console
  • Manage Skill operations and lifecycle

What are Alexa Skills?

Alexa Skills are basically the third-party applications that Amazon uses for its smart speakers, such as:

  • Weather Programs,
  • Home Automation Functions,
  • Games, and more.

Alexa Skills Kit is the software used by developers to build and publish new skills. Generally, developers use Amazon’s AWS Lambda service to run their code entirely in the cloud.

Prerequisites for AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder’s Exam

There are certain prerequisites that are recommended by Amazon to give the Alexa Skill Builder Exam, such as:

  • Candidates are expected to have at least six months of hands-on experience building Alexa skills using Alexa Skills Kit, including skills that incorporates services from the AWS Cloud.
  • Candidates should be proficient in at least one programming language.
  • Candidate must have published an Alexa Skill before.

How to Prepare for AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder’s Exam ?

The best practice for preparation of Alexa Skill Builder Exam is no other than hands-on experience. There are many appropriate AWS Training courses and other resources, that helps candidates to gain additional knowledge and skills to prepare for certification. Below is a list of tips to help you prepare for the exam. Follow these study tips and you should have the best possible chance at exam success.

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ccnp exam

Exam Content

Question Types

Basically, there are two types of questions un AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder’s Exam: –

  • Multiple Choice – Candidate have to select one correct option out of the four given options.
  • Multiple-Response – These questions have two or more options as a correct answer out of five or more options.

    Candidates must be prepared to select one or more responses that describes the statement or answers the question in the most suitable way. The questions that are not answered as counted as incorrect; there is no-negative marking for incorrect answers.

    Unscored Content

    There are some unscored items in the examination that are positioned on the test to collect statistical information. Unscored items are not identified on the form and they do not have any effect on your score. 


    The following below lists the main domains and their weightings that come under the AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder’s Exam: –

    Domain % of Examination
    Voice-First Design Capabilities & Practices 14%
    Skill Design 24%
    Skill Architecture 14%
    Skill Development 20%
    Test, Validate & Troubleshoot 18%
    Publishing, Operations & Lifecycle Management 5-10%
    Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface 2-3%
    Personalization 2-3%
    TOTAL 100%
    • Domain 1: Voice-First Design Practices and Capabilities (14%)
      1.1 Explain how user-interaction takes place with skills
      1.2 Map features and capabilities to use cases
    • Domain 2: Skill Design (24%)
      2.1 Design and develop an interaction model
      2.2 Design a multi-turn conversation
      2.3 Use built-in intents and slots
      2.4 Handle unexpected conversational requests or responses
      2.5 Design multi-modal skills using one or more service interfaces (for example, audio, video, and gadgets)
    • Domain 3: Skill Architecture (14%)
      3.1 Identify AWS services for extending Alexa skill functionality (Amazon CloudFront, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch, and Amazon DynamoDB)
      3.2 Use AWS Lambda to build Alexa skills
      3.3 Follow AWS and Alexa security and privacy best practices
    • Domain 4: Skill Development (20%)
      4.1 Implement in-skill purchasing and Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills
      4.2 Use Speech Synthesis Markup Language for expression and MP3 audio
      4.3 Implement state management
      4.4 Implement Alexa service interfaces (audio player, video player, and screens)
      4.5 Parse Alexa JSON requests and provide responses
    • Domain 5: Test, Validate and Troubleshoot (18%)
      5.1 Debug and troubleshoot using Amazon CloudWatch or other tools
      5.2 Use the Alexa developer testing tools
      5.3 Perform beta testing
      5.4 Troubleshoot errors in the interaction model
    • Domain 6: Publishing, Operations, and Lifecycle Management (10%)
      6.1 Describe the skill publishing process
      6.2 Add and remove users in the developer console
      6.3 Perform analysis of skill analytics in the developer console
      6.4 Differentiate among the statuses/versions of skills (for example, In Development, In Certification, and Live)
    • Domain 7: Alexa Skills Kit Command Line Interface (ASK CLI)
    • Domain 8: Personalization 

    8.1 Accessing Customer Information

    8.2 Account Linking

    Exam Results

    The AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder’s Exam (AXS-C01) have only two options, either a candidate passes or he fails the examination. There are certain Amazon Alexa professionals who are guided by certification industry best practices and guidelines, they set a minimum standard against which candidates have to score in the examination. 

    • Score: 100-1000
    • Minimum passing score: 750. 
    • The final score of candidates represent how they performed in the examination as a whole and whether they have passed or failed. 
    • Compensatory scoring model, which means that candidates do not need to “pass” the individual sections, only the overall examination. 

    The final score report consist of a table of classifications which represents candidate’s performance at each section level. This information is developed to provide general feedback regarding your examination performance. 

    There are many professional online certification training providers to help candidates prepare for AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder Examination. Regardless of how you prepare for the exam, a practice run or two can help you in more ways than you might expect. In addition to getting a good night’s sleep and eating a healthy breakfast before the actual test, taking a practice test is a great way to diversify your study strategy and ensure the best possible results for the real thing.



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