How to pass CCNP Wireless (300-370 WITSHOOT) exam

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If you are an IT aspirant, you would understand the importance of Cisco WITSHOOT 300-370 Exam in your career.  WITSHOOT) exam. Above all most of the top IT companies are hiring CCNP Wireless Professionals.

Most importantly, CCNP Wireless 300-370 WITSHOOT exam has been built to test your knowledge of troubleshooting and optimizing Enterprise wireless infrastructure and related services. Together with hands on experience of tools and methodologies needed to identify and resolve client connectivity, performance, and RF issues.

We will now quickly get an overview about the brief structure about Cisco Certification Levels.

The image describes the hierarchy of certification offered by Cisco at various levels. Meanwhile we will have a look at the table for certifications included at each level.

300-370 WITSHOOT Exam Overview

The table above clearly indicates that CCNP Wireless Exam is a professional level exam. The 300-370 WITSHOOT exam is intended for professionals having good knowledge and skills in troubleshooting enterprise wireless infrastructure. Together with hands on experience of related services tools required for identifying and resolving client connectivity. 

Most importantly 300-370 WITSHOOT being a professional level certification exam will help you get good recognition in your company. This certification will not only give you a professional tag but also open new career opportunities.

Exam Details

CCNP Wireless 300-370 WITSHOOT Exam has nearly 55-65 questions that has to be completed in 90 mins. Moreover, the exam helps to enhance your abilities for operating, designing and implementing Cisco Wireless Networks.

Most importantly 300-370 WITSHOOT Exam is an objective type exam with multiple choice, multiple response, fill in the blanks and simulation questions. Once you pass the exam the certification will be valid for a period of 3 years.

CCNA Wireless (300-370 WITSHOOT) Exam structure

Once you have a clarity with the exam details and overall exam objective, we will discuss in detail about the course structure.

  • The first topic covers Troubleshooting Methodology with nearly 10% coverage
  • The second topic covers Troubleshoot AP Joining Issues with 15% exam questions
  • The third topic details about Troubleshoot Client Connectivity Issues with approximately 20% questions in the exam.
  • The fourth topic related to identifying and Locating RF Interference with nearly 13% exam questions
  • The fifth topic defines Troubleshoot Client Performance Issues with approximately 17% questions in the exam.
  • The sixth topic involves identifying Common Wired Infrastructure Issues that are based on the Output From Common Troubleshooting Tools with approximately 15% exam questions.
  • The last and the final topic covering Troubleshoot WLC and AP High Availability Issues with nearly 10% questions in the exam.

We will further elaborate each topic in detail for improving your understanding.


Trouble Shooting Methodology is the first topic that covers 10% weightage in the exam. To summarize this sections involves applying appropriate troubleshooting methods for identifying issue. Additionally this includes utilizing appropriate tools to assist in allocating an issue.

TroubleshootAP Joining Issues

The second topic is about troubleshoot AP Joining issues which will cover details about resolving issues. This topic covers 15% weightage in the exam questions. To sum it up this module involves resolving issues of controller discoveries, resolving DTLS sessions establishment issues as well as resolving AP joining issues.

TroubleshootClient Connectivity Issues

The third topic is about troubleshoot client connectivity issues holding highest weightage in the exam with nearly 20% coverage. In short the module involves identifying and resolving authentication issues, as well as identifying issues of RF signals. Additionally it involves resolving configuration supplicant’s issues as well as troubleshooting Ap links.

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ccnp exam

Identifyand Locate RF Interference

The fourth topic covers 13% of weightage in the exam questions. To summarize the sections includes identifying and mitigating rogues and managing non-802.11 interference.

TroubleshootClient Performance Issues

This fifth topic is about troubleshoot client performance issues that covers 17% weightage in the exam. To sum it up this module involves roaming issues characterization. Together with evaluating data rates issues as well as identifying poor user experience source.

IdentifyingCommon Wired Infrastructure Issues that are based on the Output from CommonTroubleshooting Tools

The sixth topic covers 15% of total weightage in the exam. Moreover the sections included identifying DHCP- v4/v6 issues, identifying DNS issues, identifying VLAN issues. Together with analyzing IP connectivity issues, examining Poe issues. Additionally it includes describing stacks which are related to WCM role and wireless license.

TroubleshootWLC and AP High Availability Issues

The last and final topic about troubleshoot WLC and AP high availability issues that covers 10% of weightage in the exam. In addition this section covers troubleshooting primary, secondary and tertiary controller joining issues together with Troubleshooting SSO issues.

Exam Skills Requirement

  • For 300-370 WITSHOOT exam it is required that you should havepassed CCNP wireless exam. 
  • Secondly, you should have skills for troubleshooting wirelessinfrastructure and services plus methodologies needed for identifying andresolving performance and RF issues.

Sample Illustration of Exam Questions

Type 1 – Multiple Choice and Multiple Response questions
Type 2 – Fill in the Blanks type questions
Type 3 – Simulation with situation based exam questions

Exam Registration

For exam registration,

  • Firstly, you have to contact Pearson VUE. 
  • Afterthat Sign up or Log in to your account.
  • Thensearch for the exam you want to give. You will see “Schedule exams” buttonbelow the page.
  • After updating detailsjust pay the registration fees.

Exam Scheduling

If you want to book anappointment you can do it on the day you want to give the exam. Moreover youcan also book the exam in advance and it also suggested to sign into your webaccount and then schedule your appointment using Pearson VUE. 

Exam Scoring

  • Cisco passing score are usually set bystatistical analysis and this can even change. The score cards are sent to thecandidates along with exam section score and passing score for the exam. 
  • Cisco does not publish their score becausequestions and exam passing score can be changed.

Can we take theexam again? Answer isyes, in the next step you will know about the retaking policy.

Examination Retake policy

According to Cisco retakepolicy, if you got failed and want to give Associate, Professional orSpecialist exam again. Then it is required to wait for at least 5 business daysstarting from the day of failed attempt. 

But if pass in the exam and want to give it again then you have to wait for 180 days with identical exam number.

Exam Related Queries

If you have any doubt or want information about the certification exam, there are websites available which can help you regarding this. In addition these websites contains queries and detailed information about the certification program collected from users only. Some of them are,, Quora, Stackoverflow and many more.

CCNP Wireless (300-370 WITSHOOT) Exam References

For CCNP Wireless 300-370 WITSHOOT exam there are many references available which will be helpful to you during exam preparation. It also has Whitepapers, which will help you get to know more about the certification and will enhance your knowledge in it. Moreover, Cisco provides exam related information and learning material for study on their websites.?

Other modes which can be useful for your exampoint of view includes,

Cisco Classroom training

Cisco provide classroom training which includesExperts who takes classes around the world. You can check out thelearning locator site for getting more information about the classes.

Practice modes

There are various ways which you can use toprepare for the exam. Similarly for getting exam information or exam relatedpractice questions you can use these methods,

  • CiscoVirtual Internet Routing Lab Personal Edition
  • Cisco modeling labs
  • Free practicequestions for CCT 640-692 exam.
  • Real-time examquestions for CCT 640-692 exams with detailed analysis. 

Study Resources

For studying there are many CCNP study groups and communities are available in which you canget the appropriate details about the exam. This will also help get linked upwith professionals and expert in that field.

In addition, Cisco also give you access to create your own pattern for studying using CCNP 300-370 WITSHOOT study material.

“You know Ciscoprovides its own technical training library that isCisco Platinum Learning Library, which gives you access to all the associate and professionalcertifications courses, products and training technology with bulk of referencematerial.”

Cisco is going to have some major changes in certification after 24 February, 2020

Cisco is launching newcertification programs which will be available from 24 February,2020. These updates will provide a new technology base and a lot of newthings to learn. Most importantly this will open new doors for programmers andengineers.

The update includes,

  • There will be no prerequisites for associate andprofessional level certifications.
  • It will be having continuing education optionswhich will be applied for all.
  • Modified and updated CCNA certifications.
  • There will be new lifetime ownership for CCIEwhich will be maintained over 20 years.

Prepare for CCNP 300-370 WITSHOOT exam

Before starting preparing just calm down andmake a mindset that you have to and you should pass this certification anyhow.This will require a good study plan for the examination as well as it alsoimportant that you should Troubleshooting Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WITSHOOT)course to get a good understanding. 

Create a study plan for getting better understanding,don’t worry this does not mean that you need to scan each and every book. Just do some research on Cisco related topic. After that check for the exam structure and blueprint which can be easily find online. Then rearrange the topics according to their weightage in their exam. This all will let you knowexactly what you should need to have to move forward in this exam.

“Internetis the best source for enhancing knowledge”This statement says it all.You can use the internet to search for Online Training programs for the certification. 

Nowadays many websites areproviding certification and training to pass the Cisco 300-370 WITSHOOT examwith assistance and practice sets of questions. 

Stay Self Focused

This statement is confusingbut important! If you are serious about passing the certification then you haveto remain focused about studies. You can join online programs but in the endself-study is all that matters. You can start slowly by studying 2-3 hours aday and then increasing it accordingly.

Moreover you also have to keep aneye on every changes and updates that are happening in the exam. So that nothingis left behind when preparing.

Meanwhile you can also readthe exam relatedFAQswhich are provided to give you informationrelated to the certification. You can join groups or communities to get thelatest details about the exam.

Practice Daily!

Daily practice will not onlyhelp you understand the concepts but also improve your question answeringskills. 

Side by side make a schedulefor practicing questions because this will help you know you weak and strong areas.And after completing any topic, give it a quick revision and try to assessyourself on that topic using mock test. There are many free practice tests which are available onlineand you can also go for premium questions sets.

Week before the exam

After completing thesyllabus, take as many mock tests and practice it till the day of the exam.Learn, understand and take the exam.

Practicing these sample testwill increase your speed and will let you gain confidence while giving theexam.

In short CCNP Wireless300-370 WITSHOOT certification will be worth giving. This will help youenhance your skills and knowledge related to Cisco wireless networks.  All that is required is a calm mind andspirit to do some hard work. Just give your maximum time in preparation andpass the examination with a good score. After getting certified many new doorswill get open for you, providing you a secured and good future. So study wellfor the exam.

All the best!

Acquiring the certification isn’t going to be an easy task, but if you have the expertise help of the Cisco 300-515 Dumps offered at the ITCertDumps, you would be able to achieve it in a single attempt.

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