How to pass Cisco 300-320 ARCH

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy Cisco 300-715 Dumps, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.

Without a doubt, we all can see that Cisco 300-320 ARCH certification course have made their place in almost every sector of life. In the same vein, Cisco has made its popularity all around the globe, for its in-demand credentials. As education never ends, there is always room for learning something new. So, if you ever thought of attaining the highly beneficial CCDP certification, then this is the right destination for you.??

To secure this credential, candidates need to qualify three exams 300-101, 300-115 and 300-320. But should you be worried now that you know that you have to qualify for three exams? The answer is absolutely not, because in this article we’re going to highlight all the crucial aspects of Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam. This is the third one that candidate need to qualify to attain their CCDP certification of the professional level. So let’s get started.

What is the Cisco CCDP certification?

Cisco CCDP is alsoknown as Cisco Certified Design Professional. This accreditation is helpful forcandidates to build pioneering information of the network design concepts and principlesrequired to develop multi-layer enterprise architectures as well as networkcomponents. This course provides certification from entry-level professionalsto experienced level professionals. 

In addition, CCDP stands as the third level certification among other Cisco Design and Architecture certification courses offered.? Moreover, acquiring this certification will prove candidate’s knowledge of modern Cisco networks and its architecture. However, the central focus areas are,

  1. Advanced addressing/routing solutions.
  2. Enterprise data center integration strategies
  3. Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks.

To secure the Cisco CCDP certification, you must qualify the following exams:

  • Firstly, Implementing Cisco IP Routing (300–101 ROUTE) Certification
  • Secondly, Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (300–115 SWITCH) Certification
  • Lastly, Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (300–320 ARCH)

Below, is an illustration for candidate’s convenience:

Advantages of CCDP certification

With certification comesadded benefits that a candidate will definitely enjoy. Undoubtedly, CCDPcertification delivers a mechanism to affirm and approve the skills ofspecialists working in the field. So, in this section, we’re going to tell youall the benefits of the CCDP certification which will eventually lead you toqualify this exam even more! So, here we go-

  • First benefit is that the accreditation process takes into account both formal and informal learning and experience to candidates.
  • Moving on, this Certification demonstrates aspirants as connected, up-to-date, and committed professionals.
  • Moreover, the CCDP certification helps define an outstanding job profile and offers the distinguished learning in a distinct field.
  • Despite all, the most important advantage of being Cisco certified, candidate can learn and accomplish the goals easily.

Indeed, being progressive is not wrong since all the companies are looking for the aspirants who have a piece of unconventional knowledge in designing of the networks. Therefore, the CCDP 300–320 certification is essential.

Designing Cisco Network Service Architectures (ARCH) exam overview

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ccnp exam

As you know, Cisco300-320 ARCH is the third exam in the CCDP certification. This particular examtests candidate’s knowledge of the current and swift development in designingnetwork and technologies. Moreover, these technologies even include L2 and L3infrastructures of enterprises, WAN technology, data center integration,network security and lastly network services. Above all, Cisco 300-320 ARCHexamination will provide the candidates with extensive knowledge. 

Before taking the ARCHexam, candidate should be familiar with:

  • Firstly, Internetworking technologies, Cisco products, and Cisco IOS features
  • Secondly, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) level-of-knowledge
  • Thirdly, Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) level-of-knowledge
  • Fourthly, Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH) level-of-knowledge
  • Last but not least, Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) level-of-knowledge

Along with this, the Cisco 300-320 ARCH examination comprises of 60-70 questions. In order to complete these questions, the examination time duration is only 75 minutes. Moreover, the Cisco 300-320 ARCH examination is available only in the English language. Nonetheless, the scheduling fee for the same is?300 USD.

All details: Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam

Exam details become the most crucial part of any examination to undertake. Therefore, we’re providing in this section all the relevant information regarding Cisco 300-320 ARCH examination. So, that you can find all the information under one roof.


To appear Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam, the candidate must have a valid CCDA, CCNA Routing, and Switching, or CCIE certification as a prerequisite?


In this section, we’regoing to make you aware of all the information regarding the exam. Since theCisco 300-320 ARCH exam validates a technician’s competency in the followingareas: 

Designing Cisco NetworkService Architecture V3.0 allows practitioners to execute the following task-

  • First and foremost, to design an internal routing for enterprise work.
  • Secondly, the candidate should know how to design BGP routing for an enterprise network as well.
  • Furthermore, the candidate must be able to design an enterprise WAN network.
  • In addition to this candidate must be able to design security in services and transition IPv6 in an enterprise network.
  • Last but not least, Cisco 300-320 exam requires the candidate to design a multicast network and optimize QoS for user personal experience.


The Cisco 300-320 ARCHexam comprises of 60-70 questions. During the exam, the candidate may encounterthe following type of questions–

  • multiple-choice single answer
  • multiple-choice multiple answers
  • Simulations
  • Fill-in-the-Blank & Testlet
  • Simlet



If you are a resident of the United States then, the fee for appearing for Cisco 300-320 ARCH?exam is 300 USD. This pricing varies from country to country. As the applicable taxes are not included in the fee, so make sure you confirm with your exam provider for an exact fee.


Cisco qualifying scoreis usually laid down by statistical analysis and this can even change as well.Along with this, the scorecards are sent to the candidates along with examsection score and the passing score for the exam. however, Cisco does notpublish their score because questions and exam passing score can bechanged.  

Thus, sums up all the exam details. Now, let’s move on and understand the course outline for Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam.

Cisco 300-320 ARCH: Course Outline

Cisco provides you with outline skills. This list includes all the modules that need to be covered in the Cisco 300-320 ARCH?exam. These modules are designed according to the candidate’s convenience.

MODULE 1: Advanced Addressing and Routing Solutions for Enterprise Networks

The first and the foremost module of the course outline has its weightage of 22% in examination. This module covers the major part of the examination. Therefore, make sure you prepare this module well. Moreover, this module covers all the topics related to creating, structuring and addressing design. In addition, this also includes creating routing designs for BGP, OSPF, EIGRP and IS-IS as well

MODULE 2: Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks

The second module in the course outline covers 20% of exam questions. Further this includes designing campus layer 2, layer 3 etc. so, make sure you’re fully equipped with the knowledge of this module.

MODULE 3: WANs for Enterprise Networks

Furthermore, the next module i.e. the third module is all about designing VPN and WAN connectivity options. One of the most important topics are included in this module. However, this module only covers 17% of the exam questions.

MODULE 4: Enterprise Data Center Integration

Following them is the fourth module. This module includes topics related to data center network, network visualization technologies, data center inter connectivity and network integration also. Moreover, this module covers 17% of the exam format, just like the above-mentioned module.

MODULE 5: Security Services

Subsequently, the fifth module has weightage of only 13%. Further this module includes designing IPS and firewall solutions, network access control situation and lastly designing infrastructure protection.

MODULE 6: Network Services

finally, this is the last module. The sixth module covers topic related to designing e QoS strategies to meet customer requirements, Design multicast services. Moreover this also includes description of network management techniques and multicast routing concepts as well. however, the last module only has 11% of weightage on the examination. This was the end to the course outline. However, we do understand that this was a long list of modules. So, don’t get demotivated.? We’ve provided a step by step preparatory guide. So do check that out. But before that let’s understand and acquire the process to schedule the Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam.

How to Schedule the 300-320 ARCH exam?

Cisco offers candidates toschedule your exam at your own convenience. Not so much of a hassle there. So,allow yourself prepare well according to your work plan and then schedule.

You need to follow thegiven steps in the process of scheduling the exam –

  • First thing first, log into your account at Pearson VUE.
  • Next, select Proctored Exams and enter the exam number, 010-151.
  • Lastly, follow the prompts to register.

Is retaking available for 300-320 ARCH exam?

According to Cisco retake policy, if anycandidate fails to qualify the exam and want to retake it. Then-candidate needsto wait for at least 5 business days starting from the day of a failedattempt. 

But in case you passed the exam and still want to give it again, then-candidate has to wait for at least 180 days with identical exam number.

Preparatory guide to qualify Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam

“Success is achieved when preparation and opportunity meet”

While preparing for any exam, a good preparation guide always comes handy. Undoubtedly, the pressure to qualify the exam comes naturally. Therefore, we’ve prepared a step by step preparation guide so that you can be at a little ease. So, let’s check the preparatory steps.

A field trip to Official Website

Candidates need to understand that Cisco official website is the most authentic site for 300-320 ARCH exam for obvious reasons. Therefore, checking out the official certification page should be your first and foremost step. The entire information regarding 300-320 ARCH exam is provided on the official webpage. With this in mind, do not forget to visit the site for once.

Double-check the Exam objectives

The second step in your preparatory guide is double-checking the exam objectives. Since every exam has different requirements, hence different exam objectives. Therefore, we strongly recommend this step. In order to maintain this momentum, make sure to review all the exam objectives. This would be helpful as it is going to answer all your questions- what topics are relevant, which background would be beneficial etc. besides, this could be your first step to a high paying job, so don’t forget to double-check exam objectives.

All Learning Resources

Moving on the third step in the preparatory guide is gathering all learning information for the Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam. Therefore, lucky for you Cisco offers both? Self-Study E-Learning as well as Instructor-Led Training. Due to this, candidates can easily understand all the concepts and have a clear understanding of the course outline. So, make sure you take help from here.

Welcome to the Book club

Despite of all learningresources mentioned above. Candidate can also study and learn from books aswell. As we all know books are a great source of acquiring knowledge.Therefore, we suggest you have a look at books too. However, there are so manybooks available in the market regarding Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam. So, make sureto rely on books which are providing you with authentic knowledge. 

Here are few of our picks-

Join a study group

Too much study and noplay. Well, exams can be this way. So, our suggestion to you would be to joinstudy groups. Without a doubt, the study groups will offer you the bestenvironment to help clear your doubts. Moreover, this will also help you tokeep going. As you could easily relate to other people’s journey since yours isthe same.  

However, this particular step is not compulsory for your preparation. The step of joining any study group depends on you. At any point while preparing you can join any study group.

Practice makes you perfect

The last step in the preparatory guide is self-evaluation. This last step will provide you with the exact insight of where you need to work on. Not only will this step offer you a clear insight into your preparation but also give you the room to improve. Therefore our suggestion to you would be to go through the practice sets only when you’re thorough with your preparation. Unquestionably, start practicing now!

Expert tips

All your preparation isincomplete without these expert tips. Our experts have gone through the samejourney as yours. Subsequently, we have provided all the tips and tricks thathelp them qualify for the exam. Hope these come handy to you as well. So, areyou ready for the success mantra? Here we go-

  • Organize everything i.e. set up a routine and stick to it and stopmultitasking.
  • Remind yourself to make weekly goals and always keep track of it.
  • Always try to choose an environment that has the minimum commotion, so that its easy to concentrate.
  • Candidate should make sure that they’re taking breaks while studying because you cannot be productive every time.
  • Managing time can be a little tricky, so make sure to consume your time to fullest.
  • Don’t freak out, try meditating instead.
  • Before attempting the exam, make sure you’ve had a healthy and a light meal.
  • On the day of the exam, make sure you’re waking up early and try to read something short and precise. This will in turn help in warming up your mind and body before attempting the exam.

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Final words

Onconcluding note, Certification courses like CCDP exam are opening doors in bigas well as small industries. Being one of the most talked about certification andbecoming one of the most desirable too, opens up an ample number ofopportunities for candidates. So, our suggestion to you would be to preparewell. Since Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam is the last step in the ladder towards CCDPcertification.

Incase you still have any question related to Cisco 300-320 ARCH exam, make sureto comment down below and we’ll be happy to help you. Till then, keep practicing!


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