How to Prepare for Cisco 010-151 DCTECH exam

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Want t become certified technicians / But don’t know how ? Get to rady to crack Cisco 010-151 DCTECH Exam.

It’s no secret that IT sector offers record-level employment opportunities. However, far too many job seekers circumvent the opportunity to jump into this hot field. While a technical career is achievable for people from many different walks of life. It can be difficult to know where to start or to envision a coherent pathway to a job. ?Similarly, If you are looking for an opportunity in the IT sector, then 010-151 DCTECH exam would be the right pathway for you.

In the same vein, getting Cisco certification at any level becomes really very important. Not only it provides you with a long way career path but also proves as a lasting foundation. Moreover, Cisco is one of the top-notch companies in the IT sector providing several benefits too.

Benefits of Cisco Certified Technician

Being a certified Cisco technician is a validation of your skill as a certified technician. In addition, acquiring such credentials in the IT sector always comes rewarding.  In fact, there are a few benefits of being a Cisco certified technician-

  • First thing first, certification increases the greater chance of getting a job.
  • Secondly, certification courses help in building the foundation of the candidate.
  • Next advantage of being certified is that the candidate is up to date with all new technologies.
  • Lastly, for any IT job seeker, knowledge of all Cisco products becomes a strong selling point.

Moreover, certification actually allows candidates to demonstrate their skills in business communication, standard networking as well as the Cisco system.


The 010-151DCTECH exam is for candidates who wish to become Cisco certified technician. The CCT data center focuses on the skills required for onsite support and maintenance of Cisco Unified Computing Systems and servers. Furthermore, according to Cisco, Cisco Certified Technician Data Center (CCT Data Center) certification exam requires candidates to well skilled in the following tasks-

  • Firstly, Candidates should have prior knowledge of onsite support, maintenance of Cisco Unified Computing Systems as well as servers.
  • Next, the candidate should be able to identify Cisco Unified Computing System components and servers, accessories, cabling and interfaces.
  • Further, he/she must have a good understanding of the Cisco UCS and NX-OS operating modes.
  • Moreover, a candidate should be able to identify commonly-found software.
  • Lastly, a candidate must be able to use the Cisco Graphical User Interface to connect and service product components

All Exam Details Here

Before appearing for any exam its always good to know the exam details. In order to avoid any inconvenience, exam details should be known beforehand. Therefore we have provided all the necessary information you may need before applying for the 010-151DCTECH exam.

The010-151DCTECH exam is an entry-level exam. The duration of the exam is 90 minutes. In this 90 minutes, candidates have to attempt around 60-70 question. The exam is only available in the English language.?


To effectively do most tech jobs, the candidate doesn’t even necessarily have to possess a degree in computer science. Since this is an entry-level examination, Cisco certified technician need not have a technical background. Therefore there are no prerequisites to appear for this exam.?


In this section, we’re going to make you aware of all the information regarding the exam. Since the 010-151 DCTECH exam validates a technician’s competency in the following areas:?

  • ?Basic Cisco NX-OS configuration,?
  • Cisco Data Center products and hardware components with an emphasis on the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS).

Therefore, the prospectus includes solution services (HW break-fix) on Cisco Data Center products, including all hardware replacements, software and configuration backup and restore as well. In addition, this includes checking? the safety and environmental requirement, recognizing connection type and also cable requirement, and perform basic physical layer troubleshooting.


010-151DCTECH exam includes 60-70 questions. There is a few question type that appears in the exam.? The following list below shows the type of questions-

  • Mostly Multiple choice questions – choose one or more right answers from a list of options
  • secondly, True or false questions – determine if the statement is true
  • Next Matching questions – connect two parts of a sentence, an object with an action, an object with a subject, and more
  • ?Lastly, Fill-in-the-blank questions – choose or write the correct word or phrase for the blank space



If you are a resident of the United States then, the fee for appearing for 010-151 DCTECH exam is 125 dollars. This pricing varies from country to country. As the applicable taxes are not included in the fee, so make sure you confirm with your exam provider for an exact fee.

Now, that you’re equipped with the entire exam details. Let’s move on to understand the course outline for 010-151 DCTECH exam.

Course Outline

Cisco provides you with outline skills. This list includes all the modules that need to be covered in the 010-151DCTECH exam. These modules are designed according to the candidate’s convenience.

Module 1: Data Center Basics

The very first module covers the base information of the data center. This module has a weight age of 17%. Here is a list of all the topics that you’re going to cover in this module.

  • First, Describing a data center
  • ?Second, Describing cloud computing
  • ?Third, Describing virtualization (server, network and storage)
  • Fourth, Describing PCIe SSDs and NVMe
  • ?Fifth, Describing raid storage
  • Sixth, Differentiating between these Layer 2 technologies (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet)
  • seventh, Describing SAN technology (SAN network type)
  • Eighth,?Describing SAN cabling (FCoE, PCIe)
  • Ninth, Describing UTP and connectors
  • ?Tenth, Describing fiber and connectors
  • Eleventh, Describing twinaxial and connectors
  • Last, ?Describing SFP and QSFP transceivers

Module 2: Cisco Equipment and Related Hardware

This second module is all about equipment and related hardware in Cisco technologies. This module has a weight age of 25%. Below are all the topics covered in this module.

The process of becoming a networker isn’t considered for the faint-hearted. It requires lots of hard work and nice and trustworthy CCT 010 151 DCTECH Dumps, like that offered at the ITCertDumps, to clear this grueling exam.

ccnp exam

  • First, Describing the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) components
  • Second, Describing the Cisco UCS B-series Blade servers components and chassis layout??
  • Third, Describing the Cisco UCS C-series rack mount servers components and chassis layout
  • Fourth, Describing Cisco UCS fabric interconnects and fabric extenders
  • Fifth, Identifying the Cisco UCS LED and chassis layout
  • ?Sixth, Describing the Cisco UCS network adapters and expansion modules
  • Seventh, Describing the Cisco UCS S-series Storage servers components and chassis layout
  • Eighth, Describing the Cisco UCS E-series servers components and chassis layout
  • After that, Describing the Cisco Nexus switches family components
  • Then, Describing Cisco ACI and NX-OS mode
  • Then, Describing the Cisco MDS 9700 product family components
  • last, Identification of? the MDS 9700 Family Storage networking modules

Module 3: Cisco UCS and Cisco NX-OS software operation

Next module is all about software operation. This third module has a weight age of 25%. We have mentioned below all the topics covered in this module.

  • First, Describing the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC)
  • Second, Describing the features and functionality of Cisco UCS Manager
  • Third, Describing the different command modes for the Cisco NX-OS software
  • Determining the current mode of the device
  • Verifying the device configuration using and interpreting the basic Cisco NX-OS commands
  • Identifying a configuration file from a Cisco device
  • Usage of? the device file systems, directories, and files
  • Performing password recovery on a Cisco NX-OS switch device

Module 4: Service-Related Information

Last but not least, this fourth module is all about service related information. It covers the weight age of 33% making it one of the most important modules. So here are all the topics in this module-

  • Firstly, Using the hardware tools needed for repair
  • Secondly, Making a physical connection from laptop to Cisco console port
  • Thirdly, Performing installation process steps and expected outcomes
  • After that, Performing initial setup tasks
  • Service restoration verification
  • Performing remedial procedures on Cisco devices
  • Up gradation of? the BIOS on a Cisco UCS Server Blade with the GUI
  • Performing the Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect (FI) upgrade/downgrade procedure
  • Firmware Automatic Synchronization
  • Upgrading Cisco Integrated Management Controller firmware on a Cisco UCS Server CSeries
  • Lastly, Troubleshooting Cisco UCS servers

These modules cover all the skills that will help the candidate qualify 010-151 DCTECH exam. In short, just prepare according to the above-mentioned modules and you’re good to go. Furthermore, the moment you’re ready to appear for 010-151 DCTECH exam, just schedule it. But before you schedule, let’s go through the process of scoring for 010-151 DCTECH exam.?

Scoring process

Cisco passing score is usually laid down by statistical analysis and this can even change. Next,? the scorecards are sent to the candidates along with exam section score and the passing score for the exam. Even though, Cisco does not publish their score because questions and exam passing score can be changed. Now that you know the scoring process for 010-151 DCTECH exam, we’ll move further and schedule the exam now.

How to schedule the exam?

Cisco offers you to schedule your exam at your own convenience. Not so much of a hassle there. So allow yourself to think carefully according to your work plan and then schedule.

You need to follow the given steps in the process of scheduling the exam –

  • First thing first, log into your account at Pearson VUE.
  • Next, select Proctored Exams and enter the exam number, 010-151.
  • Lastly, follow the prompts to register.

Can we retake the exam?

According to Cisco retake policy, if you failed the exam and want to retake it. Then-candidate need to wait for at least 5 business days starting from the day of a failed attempt. 

But in case you passed the exam and still want to give it again, then-candidate has to wait for at least 180 days with identical exam number.

Let’s move further and now understand the re-certification policy.

Exam Re-certification Policy

Recertification becomes an important pointer for candidates and their employer that candidates have kept up with current technology trends and validated your skills at the rigorous level of the original certification exam.

A little heads up from February 24, 2020; the Cisco recertification policy will provide a flexible substitute option to meet recertification requirements. Moreover, this new approach encourages candidates to expand your skill sets and provides multiple paths to maintain your certifications. Following are the listed updates-

  • Starting with, all certifications will have a three-year recertification deadline.
  • Next, the Continuing Education program will extend to the CCNA, Specialist, CCNP, CCIE certifications
  • ?Lastly, the continuing education point cap for Cisco Live activities and content-authoring, such as writing exam items, has been removed.

Exam Related Queries

Next, moving on to exam related queries section. If any candidate has any query regarding the certification exam. There are many websites that will help the candidate regarding this. In addition, these websites contain queries and comprehensive information regarding the certification program gathered from users and other candidates only. Some of these websites include, Quora, Stackoverflow and many more.

Preparatory guide: step by step

Let’s prepare you as you’ve never prepared before!

It’s rightfully said work smarter not harder. So, we’ve prepared a study guide that will help you clear the exam with flying colours. In this step by step preparatory guide, we have provided you with step by step list of all the learning resources for 010-151 DCTECH exam.

Importance of official website

Candidates need to understand that Cisco official website is the most authentic site for 010-151DCTECH exam for obvious reasons.? Visiting the official certification page should be your first and foremost step. The entire information regarding010-151DCTECH exam is provided on the official webpage. From prerequisites to the responsibilities of Data engineer, exam language, registration fee information, exam skill outline, and learning path everything is available on the official site.

Reviewing exam objectives

Next, comes reviewing exam objectives If this is your first preparation guide then take a moment to relax. Hopefully, this could be your first step to a high paying job. In order to maintain this momentum, make sure to review all the exam objectives. This would be helpful as it is going to answer all your questions- what topics are relevant, which background would be beneficial etc.

Since every exam has different requirements, hence different exam objectives. Therefore we strongly recommend this step.

Training offered

The third step in the preparatory is training offered by Cisco. This training takes 7 to 8 hour. Moreover, a training course is designed for every field support engineers working with Cisco data center system devices and operating software. However, purchase covers a one-year subscription period for a single user and also provides access to the most current information on Cisco products.

Likewise, this course is the authorizes training to prepare for the CCT Data Center certification exam, 010-151 DCTECH. In the same light, the training course is subdivided into modules. These modules use text, interactivities, graphical images, as well as videos to demonstrate the proper procedures for resolving common problems to advance the effectiveness of field support engineers and speed time-to-resolution.

Study material

Though training will cover most of the important skills required. We cannot forget books and the knowledge that they provide us. Book too is an important source to acquire knowledge about the 010-151 DCTECH exams. These are a few books that we would suggest-

  • ?IP Multicast, Volume I: Cisco IP Multicast Networking (Networking Technology)?BY Josh Loveless, Ray Blair and Arvind Durai.
  • Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) (Data Center): A Complete Reference Guide to the Cisco Data Center Virtualization Server Architecture (Networking Technology) by Silvano Gai, Tommi Salli and Roger Andersson.

Study group and online forums

The very next step includes joining a study group or ant online forum. Since there are so many distractions around us. Online forums and study groups can turn out to be beneficial for all you. However, this particular step is not compulsory for your preparation. The step of joining any study group or forum depends on you. At any point while preparing you can join any study group. Likewise, study groups will make sure you are associated with all other candidates who are also going through the same journey as yours. Moreover, you can always inquire a question related to the topic you’re having complexity with. So, it’s all up to you.

Practice your test away

Finally, we’re on the last step for the preparation of 010-151 DCTECH exam. This last step will provide you with the exact insight of where you need to work on. Are you ready to self evaluate yourself? For the same, make sure you’re going through sample tests, only after you have prepared for the whole syllabus. All these sample test mock test or practise tests are intended in such a way that candidate come across the real exam environment. Practice papers can be from various sources. Remember the more you test yourself the better you’re going to become. SO START PRACTISING NOW!

Exam tips

First things first, pull yourself together. Control all your feelings and focus your mind on the exam. It’s going to go fine. Just put your best foot forward. If still, you’re freaking out, here are a few tips to follow while preparing for the exam-

  • Stop multitasking! Organize everything i.e. set up a routine and stick to it.
  • Make weekly goals and always remember to keep track
  • Always choose an environment that has the minimum disturbance, so that you can concentrate properly.
  • It’s okay to take breaks while studying because you cannot be productive every time.
  • Manage time and be productive
  • If nothing helps, try meditating.
  • Before attempting the exam, make sure you’ve had a healthy meal.
  • On the day of the exam, try to wake up early and read something short and precise. This will help in warming up your mind and body before the exam.

Directly from the experts

Remember all the candidates you have to make opportunities for yourself. We’ve provided you with all the important relevant information in this article. In addition, we hope that you follow the entire preparation guide. No journey is complete without a little struggle. So we highly recommend studying well in order to pass the exam. This will further lead on to a better future and great success. So, maintain all your focus and get certified as soon as possible.


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