Internet of Things application in life

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Intelligent wearing

There are many people who have a smart wear equipment, the most common thing is smart bracelet watch, and smart glasses, smart clothes, smart shoes, etc. The connection method is basically Bluetooth connected to the phone. The data is sent to the phone through the sensor on the smart wear device, and then sent to the server. In addition to the smart bracelet watch, this is not too big. Wearing equipment To monitor people’s health needs to be precise sensors, this piece can be made with intelligent medical care.

Car network

The car has developed many years, before the technical limitations, it has been in the original development stage. There are several main purposes of the car network: smart transportation, unmanned, wisdom parking, various vehicle sensor applications.

Intelligent transport has been developing for many years, a very large system, collecting high-tech systems integrating Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, sensor technology, automatic control technology. For the urban handling of various traffic accidents, evacuation congestion plays an important role.

Unmanned is a new technology that has just been, is also a very complex system, the main technique is the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. And intelligent traffic is integrated in some areas.

Wisdom parking and car sensor applications, such as intelligent vehicle detection, intelligent alarm, intelligent navigation, smart lock, etc. This technical content is relatively low, but it is also very important, many of these applications are serving unmanned and intelligent transportation.

Smart City

In fact, smart cities should not count one Internet application, which is a complex of many other applications, such as smart home, intelligent transportation, smart hotel, Intelligent retail, smart power, smart garbage box, intelligent medical, etc.

Intelligent warehousing is a link in the logistics process, the application of intelligent warehousing, ensures the speed and accuracy of the various link data inputs, ensuring that the company is timely and accurate Master the real data of stocks, reasonably maintain and control the company inventory.

Utilize the library management function of the SNHGES system, more timely grasping all the current location of all stock goods, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency of warehouse management. RFID intelligent warehousing solutions, also equipped with RFID channels, queries, readers, etc.

Transport monitoring

Real-time monitoring of vehicles in cargo transportation and cargo transportation, including cargo position, state environment, and vehicle fuel consumption, oil volume, speed and brakes, etc. behavior.

Intelligent Express Cabinet

combine techniques such as cloud computing and Internet of Things to achieve expressive access and back-end data processing, collect data such as goods sent and received by RFID or camera.

Electronic license plate

Electronic license plate is a kind of application based on the subdivision, extension and improvement of Internetless sourceless radio frequency identification technology, and its technical measures are: use RFID high-precision identification. Highly accurately collected, high sensitivity technology features, put an electronic license plate label on the motor vehicle, the RFID electronic license plate as vehicle information carrier, in each of the authorized radio frequency identification reader sections, The data on the motor vehicle electronic license plate is collected or written to achieve the purpose of all kinds of integrated traffic management.

Intelligent prison

At present, the management of the regulatory system is mainly held in the preserver inspection + camera monitoring and alarm stage, and the artificial operation still accounts for the great proportion, and the informationization is relatively high. It is difficult to achieve real-time supervision of the supervisors in the supervisors in the supervisors, and the technical defense facilities often have lag, and they cannot actively actively prevent and early warning. In order to ensure the management level of the supervision, improve the monitoring state of the detainement personnel, transformation efficiency, by wearing a wristband electronic tag for each in detail, when entering the monitoring area, electronic tags continue to send ID information, installed After the card reader of the surveillance area reads the label ID, the information is transmitted to the backend application, thereby realizing real-time monitoring of the location of the discovers; when an accident event occurs, quickly view live status and personnel through video and wristbands Positioning, timely transfer prison police to the accident site, enhance the overall information management and safety management level of the supervision.

smarter super

in the business super field, the application of the Internet of Things is also rich and varied, in addition to applying relatively mature warehouse management systems, the business super-settlement system is equally applicable. At present, the problem of headaches in domestic shopping malls is too slow. When the traffic is large, the shopping experience is poor. As the cost of electronic label is decreasing, quickly checkout through Internet of Things technology has become a reality. In order to further protect customer rights, avoid shopping disputes, check the account video surveillance system + Internet of Things, the three-digit system of the Internet, and record the record.

Intelligent office

Smart attendance can achieve multiple people in parallel without perception of attendance. Walk into the company’s door, do not need to stay, card, and brush, etc., you can complete the attendance sign.

Smart printing can be printed anytime, anywhere, breaking time, location restrictions. The printer can also be automatically reported to implement real-time maintenance. Intelligent conferences can achieve more intelligent meeting reservations, management and reminders, can also remotely share screens, mobile scanning processes, conference board books, and recording a key to share the efficiency of conference. Such as about the issue of the Internet of Things, pay attention to the 夔 夔 科技 Micro Signal – 夔 夔 智慧 视 视.

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