Is there still a prompt to learn cloud computing now? Cloud computing learning route belonging to Xiaobai

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In recent years, with 5G, cloud computing, big data, Internet development, more and more companies have begun to build their own Internet system, Linux cloud computing is increasingly importance in technology industries. One of the necessary skills of IT from the industry. Therefore, Linux cloud computing engineers became a high salary occupation year from many people. The foreigner does not understand the cloud computing, so the cloud computing 2020 industry development and Linux cloud computing engineer position, I hope to help everyone.

How about the cloud computing industry?

The influence of the virus, the 2020 Spring Festival begins, and the office needs at home will skyrocket. Since January 29th, Tencent Conference is undergoing resource expansion every day. The average expansion cloud host is close to 15,000 units. The total expansion of more than 100,000 cloud hosts in 8 days, involving exceeding exceeding exceeding the calculation resource input.

200 million people at home, video conference needs, bring huge pressure to the staple system. It is understood that the staple retains 10,000 cloud servers again on the 4th after the 3rd. “It can be seen that the domestic large number of Internet companies, traditional enterprises will also increase the investment or transformation of the cloud computing field under the influence of the virus in the 2020 virus.

Enterprise is a general trend. To:

1, the public cloud and private cloud market growth still hits the head and enter, not zero and game;

2, Iaas level: Having a diverse commercial application ecotropic circle is increasingly important

3, SaaS: mainly in the field of human resources, OA, CRM, marketing, B2B commodity procurement;

4, PaaS level: No independent giants, It is more likely to extend downward or SaaS giants in the future.

The domestic cloud computing market is still in a germination period, and the market cake is becoming more and more tempting. At present, most of China’s cloud computing environment has already It is a Linux system platform, more than 85% of Internet companies are the production environment of the Linux platform. This means that with the development of the industry, it is necessary to need a lot of professional Linux cloud computing engineers.

but 2020 In the past, 2020 cloud computing scenarios have been increased from traditional models to platform mode, namely: container, micro service era. And, Google provides Kubernetes shaped the deployment of enterprise applications, giving unrestricted Workload flexibility, this will greatly strengthen the robustness and competitiveness of cloud computing.

refer to the recruitment website, Beijing cloud computing engineer salary According to work experience:

fresh health salary More than around 10K;

1-3 years of work experience can reach 12-16k;

3-5 years can reach 20-30K;

5-10 years of work experience can get annual salary 30W-50W.

At present, major companies are now urgent and rich cloud architects, container engineers, micro-service engineers, SRE, etc., from Tencent, Ali, Meituan comment, drip, Ping An Group, etc. To learn IT technology, or want to go to learn IT technology, or want to know more about the IT industry, don’t like to program brain, learn Linux cloud computing engineers are not bilateral choices to IT high-pay.

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If you are a classmate of Linux cloud computing, just started The content is definitely very miscellaneous, and this time does not have too much treatment.

1. Familiar with various services and network knowledge from the basic work, it is best to exercise various automation scripts, and automated deployment.

2. Know the knowledge before, such as data structure, algorithm, TCP / UDP, although it is boring, but these things will make you more next to the next level.

3. Need to pay attention to the basis, do not sinate, so very wasteful, it is best to learn to go deep into a system level.

4. If you completely rely on your own self-study, you can get some difficult times, the best way is to find a good platform, and this area has a rich team, join them. Because of the end of knowledge, the more you know, the less you find it.

For young people, you must try it, and learn the cloud computing to start very fast; 2020 cloud computing prospects is very considerable, you want a high-paying friend, don’t hesitate. Grab the time action!

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