What is a complete Internet of Things system look like?

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Internet of Things (IOT) is a new type of technology, which is both fascinated and blurred and a little fog. The key to getting real business value is the effective interaction between all elements in the architecture so that the application can be deployed faster and analyzes and analyzes data with lightning speed, thus making a wise decision as soon as possible.

1, the Internet of Things Composition

IoT architecture can consist of four parts:

1, something (device): These are defined as uniquely identifiable nodes, mainly sensors, communicating through the network, without manual intervention.

2, the gateway: They act as an intermediary between things and clouds to provide the desired network connection, security, and manageability.

3, network infrastructure: It consists of a router, aggregator, gateway, repeater, and other control data streams.

4, Cloud Infrastructure: The cloud infrastructure contains large-scale virtualization servers and storage pools.

II, trend

Next generation trend, ie social network, big data, cloud computing and mobility, have made many things possible. In addition, global trends and incidents are promoting and promoting today’s technological progress and mode innovation, including:

▲ Key vertical market efficiency and cost reduction initiative

▲ The government’s investment incentives for this new technology

▲ reduce the manufacturing cost of smart equipment

▲ Reduce network connection cost

▲ more efficient wired and wireless Communication

▲ Expanded and reasonable mobile network

Internet of Things is creating new opportunities for companies in the current and emerging markets and providing competitive advantage. It hits everything – not just data, what is involved, when, where and wherever is collected. The technology of creating the Internet of Things not only changes the Internet, but also changes the equipment and gateways of what to connect to the Internet – network edges, they can now request a service or start operation without performing human intervention. Because the generation and analysis of the data is critical to the Internet of Things, it must be effectively protected throughout the life cycle of the data. Managing this level of data is very complex because the data will span many management boundaries with different policies and intentions.

Take into account various technical and physical components constituting the Internet of Things ecosystems, it is completely reasonable to treat the Internet of Things as a system system. Build an Internet of Things systems that have commercial value for companies, it is often a complex task because the enterprise architect is committed to designing integrated solutions, including edge devices, applications, transfer, protocols, and analysis functions, which make up A fully functional Internet of Things system.

3, platform

In the next four years, security solution spending for protecting the Internet of Things devices and systems will increase by five times. The best platform for the Internet of Things development solution requires an unprecedented collaboration, coordination, and connection of each part of the system and the entire system. All devices must work together and integrated with all other devices, while all devices must seamlessly communicate and interact with the connected systems and infrastructure.

Good Internet of Things platform:

▲ Get and manage data to create a standard, scalable and secure platform.

▲ Integrate and protect data to reduce cost and complexity while protecting your investment.

▲ Analyze the data and extract commercial value from the data, and then take action.

Fulfin core: Can help enterprises within 90 days, to achieve mobile management, real-time monitoring, remote data acquisition and control, mobile payment, after-sales management, etc. Based on product real-time data, large data analysis, provides precise data support for the doubts of corporate operation, sales planning, and R & D. Help companies improve productivity, implement cross-facility benchmark management, improve quality control, reduce the fault rate, and achieve efficient maintenance.

Internet of Things hardware, software one-stop solver, providing professional intelligent control transmission hardware / PC end cloud platform / App one-stop solution. Main application: self-service terminal, automotive electronics, electricity, smart home, environmental, industry, military, healthcare, shared industry and other fields.

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